Joe Benson, who is known for his Off the Record radio show, which has featured interviews and music from many rock artists, including Boston, will be bringing you three hours of Christmas music, greetings and interviews on Uncle Joe's Rockin' Xmas Show 2007.

This show will feature Boston's rendition of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - or rather God Rest Ye Metal Gentleman during the second hour of the broadcast. The lineup also shows for interviews and greetings that will be broadcast during the show to feature both Tom Scholz and Brad Delp. Both were featured last year on the 2006 edition of the program.
The program will be broadcast on most stations that carry Off the Record, including some stations in Canada. You can check out listings for stations and scheduled airtimes and the full lineup of the program on For those in Canada, some of the radio stations the show will be carried on are available on cable and satellite. Star Choice subscribers who have the radio stations subscribed to can hear the show on CILQ (Q107) in Toronto on channel 864 and CIRK in Edmonton on channel 853.
Classic Rock Revisited has had rock artists recite 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. This year Tom Scholz has given a go at this holiday classic.

Tom has joined a growing list of rock artists who have recited the poem for Classic Rock Revisited, including Black Sabbath's Bill Ward, Krokus' Marc Storace, Dennis DeYoung, Gil Moore of Triumph and Roger Earl of Foghat.

You can listen to Tom and many others reciting this classic at

TESLA, STRYPER (with a special guest appearance by Tom Scholz of BOSTON), Aaron Lewis (STAIND), Eric Martin (MR. BIG) and Carmine Appice's SLAM (a drum thing) are among the confirmed performers at a benefit concert for the victims of the February 20, 2003 nightclub fire, which claimed 100 lives, seriously injured 200 others, and left 65 children without one or both parents.

The show will take place on Monday, February 25, 2008 at the Dunkin Donut Center in Providence, Rhode Island. All proceeds from ticket sales and charity auctions benefit the Station Family Fund, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization founded by survivors of the Station nightclub fire. They are committed to providing survivor relief, including costs of ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.


If you've been waiting impatiently for the last month waiting for iTunes to finally get the Delp and Goudreau song Rockin' Away on the iTunes music store, well wait no longer, because they finally have it.

When Barry Goudreau did the interview in WHEB on Oct 16 to discuss the song, he had indicated that Rockin' Away would be available in iTunes "any day". Well almost a month has passed and as of Nov 14, it's now listed on the iTunes music store and selling for $0.99. Interestingly enough, the release date shown for the song on the iTunes store is Oct 16/07. Be aware that if you purchase the song on iTunes, it is DRM protected, while the track at Discark is not.

For those of you who have been anxiously waiting for the Delp and Goudreau song Rockin' Away to finally be available, well it's available now, well sort of...

The song was supposed to be available on the iTunes music store sometime in October, but has yet to appear. There is an alternate source where the song is being made available. You can buy it at Discark either by purchasing the download or you can buy the CD single. Dicark uses PayPal for payment, but if you don't have a PayPal account, don't worry, they can accept credit card payments.

Former Boston guitarist/songwriter Anthony Cosmo has released his latest works with The Casting.

The Casting, which is fronted by Atom (Anthony Cosmo) released their first album on the iTunes music store. The album, which is titled Regrets, features 14 songs, including the song One, which if you recall, Anthony wrote as a tribute to Brad Delp.

The album is $9.99, or you can buy individual tracks for $0.99 each on iTunes.

Here's something gamers will be interested in: Boston will be featured on a new video game being released November 20, 2007.

Rock Band, will allow gamers to perform popular rock songs along with their friends via drum, bass/lead guitar and microphone peripherals, will include Boston's Foreplay/Long Time among the 45 licensed tracks included with the game. The game is set to sell at $169.99 US and will be available on the X-Box 360, Nintendo Wii, PS2 and PS3 platforms.

Gary Pihl's band Alliance is up for a Grammy nomination.

Alliance, which released a double CD set this year called Destination Known, which features the content from the Alliance and Missing Piece CD released, plus a total of 8 bonus tracks. One of those tracks, This is the World, is up for nomination in the Best Rock Performance category.

You can check out an audio sample of this song, as well as the other songs on the Destination Known 2-disc set. You can also pick up a copy of this CD at NEH Records.
You can view the Myspace blog post on the official Alliance page featuring the announcement.
Official Alliance Myspace page:
Barry Goudreau was interviewed on WHEB for the release of the new Delp and Goudreau song Rockin' Away.

In the interview, Barry indicated the song will currently only be available on iTunes and probably will be released by sometime Oct 17. If you missed the show, you can hear it in the Interviews/Radio Shows section.
Late BOSTON singer Brad Delp has left fans one brand new song that he co-wrote and recorded with former band-mate/original Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau for the 30th anniversary of the first Boston CD. The song 'Rockin' Away' is Brad's story of how he got involved in music. According to a press release, "it sounds like early Boston - it sounds like a hit." 'Rockin' Away' was serviced to Active Rock and Classic Rock radio last week.
About the track Goudreau says: "'Rockin’ Away' was written in the summer of 2006 for the 30th Anniversary of the release of the first Boston record. It was the last song that Brad and I wrote together. In it, Brad reflects on how he became involved in music, and thanks his many fans for their years of loyalty. It was my hope that the song might lead to a rekindling of my relationship with the band. Unfortunately it did not. Brad’s family and I felt that his many fans would appreciate hearing his spectacular voice one more time on a new song. I hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it."


Boston's official site has posted audio from a rehearsal from the Come Together show along with a message from Tom.


We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stay tuned...

We are trying to repair and mix the audio recording of BOSTON's performance at the Brad Delp Tribute show. For unknown reasons BOSTON's gear was moved and uncabled following our sound check. This, coupled with a minimal set change time, resulted in numerous technical problems during our performance, and even necessitated starting the set without Michael Sweet's guitar. Because there are missing or damaged tracks that will be troublesome in a stereo mixdown, this may require considerable effort in our studio, which is set up exclusively for BOSTON recording, editing and mixing. Two recordings were made, one into our normal live taping system and one into a professional A/V company computer. We have been unable to get the computer files converted to a form that can be used in our system. The recording on our own tape was reduced to an unacceptable level due to the interconnection with all the additional show and A/V gear. There was insufficient time to check and reset these levels, or to perform a full line check before BOSTON took the stage. In the meantime, while we try to sort this out, we thought that we would share this version of "More Than a Feeling," from a rehearsal session. This is from the first time that Michael Sweet rehearsed with Tom, Gary, Kimberley and Jeff together. FYI, this was an informal stereo recording, and the mix levels and quality are not up to professional standards.


Tom Scholz

PS: This is the real time mix I hear in my stereo earpiece feeds when we practice and play. Pretty cool, huh!

To hear Boston rehearsing More Than a Feeling with Michael Sweet, go to

The Brad Delp Foundation is auctioning off a souveneir from the Come Together tribute show.

The Brad Delp Foundation has an Epiphone G400 guitar signed by performers at the August 19 tribute to Brad. The guitar has been signed by: AEROSMITH Joey Kramer BOSTON Fran Sheehan Fran Cosmo Barry Goudreau Tom Scholtz BRAD DELP'S CHILDREN Jennifer Delp John Michael Delp GODSMACK Sully Erna Robbie Merrill Tony Rombola Shannon Larkin EXTREME Gary Cherone Nuno Bettencourt Paul Geary Pat Badger RTZ Brian Maes David Stefanelli Mary Beth Maes Patty Barkus Lisa Guyer Pat Badger FARRENHEIT Charlie Farren David Hull John Muzzy Ernie Boch Jr. Johnny A. Tom Hambridge

The winner of the auction will not only get the guitar, but also a VIP pass from the show, a letter of authenticity and a CD of photos of artists signing the guitar. All proceeds go to the Brad Delp Foundation.

Auction ends Aug-31-07 17:59:03 PDT

Boston Globe has a couple news clips in their August 21 edition under the Celebrity News section.

A fond farewell
"We did it for Brad," said Boston bassist Fran Sheehan, chatting backstage during Sunday's tribute to Brad Delp. In honor of Boston's late, great lead singer, Sheehan and bandmate Barry Goudreau set aside their differences with Tom Scholz to close the show with one of the band's big hits, "Don't Look Back." However, not everyone was on stage for the fiery finale. Drummer Sib Hashian declined to take part in the emotional reunion, telling friends he wasn't "comfortable" sharing the stage with Scholz. Hashian, we're told, wasn't even in the house at the end, having retired to a hotel suite nearby. Among the well-wishers milling about backstage were Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer, who insisted on paying for his ticket, celebrated rock 'n' roll shutterbug Ron Pownall, Godsmack singer Sully Erna, guitarist Johnny A, Boston's original manager Paul Ahern, WZLX DJ Carter Alan, Nashville singer Tom Hambridge, and Delp's fiancee, Pamela Sullivan.

Boch takes it all in
If you didn't make it to the Delp tribute concert, don't worry, there's a chance it'll show up on DVD. At considerable expense to himself, Ernie Boch Jr. recorded the entire affair. The auto magnate, whose band Ernie & the Automatics opened Sunday's show at the Bank of America Pavilion, arranged to have seven cameras and a 48-track mobile unit capture the concert's sights and sounds. "I did it because it was a historical moment," said Boch. The bands all signed off on the recording, though Scholz did request that he be given the tapes of Boston's performance. (He's promised to give Ernie a copy.) Boch, by the way, appears on the cover of the new issue of Automotive News. "In my industry, this magazine is like the Bible is for Christians, or Rolling Stone is for the rock set," said Boch, who spiked his hair for the photo shoot. "It's just me being me."
Source: Boston Globe

(from the Boston Globe)
If what matters, as Brad Delp once sang, is what you leave behind, then the former Boston singer's legacy is in good hands.

Last night at the Bank of America Pavilion, family, friends, and former bandmates paid tribute to not only the singer behind the microphone for classic rock songs including "More Than a Feeling," but the man they loved and are no doubt still grieving following his death by suicide in March.

Dubbed "Come Together: A Tribute to Brad Delp," the five-hour event was much more celebration than memorial.

Big speeches were shelved in favor of playing the music that meant so much to the vocalist and the fans he so clearly cherished.

The sentiment the musicians felt toward their friend was evident in that playing.

Seemingly every member who ever played in Boston showed up for the hourlong closing set, which found Michael Sweet of Stryper doing his level best to do Delp justice on "Feeling," and other members such as bassist Kimberly Dahme handling "Walk On" and, in a move Delp would have loved, a fan named Tommy DeCarlo ripping through "Smokin'."

Whatever tension still exists among some of the original members of Boston was shelved when guitarist Barry Goudreau and bassist Fran Sheehan joined guitarist and band architect Tom Scholz for the encore, "Don't Look Back." (Drummer Sib Hashian was in the house but did not play).

Delp's post-Boston outfit with Goudreau, RTZ, gave a heartfelt performance that included a new number written after his passing called "Set the Songbird Free."

In addition to their own hits such as "More Than Words," Extreme debuted a piano ballad that singer Gary Cherone and guitarist Nuno Bettencourt had co-written with Delp after his appearance at their reunion show at the same venue last summer.

The night's most poignant and comic moments came during a film that Delp's daughter Jennifer had made for her father called "The Rock Star I Called Dad." Delp's friends and family recalled the man, not the multiplatinum arena rock star, who had a bone-dry sense of humor, who adored movies and making those around him feel special.

"The best thing you can do to honor Brad is to have a great time," said Scholz.

And the crowd did just that, ensuring that Delp's memory won't be left behind.

Original Boston drummer Jim Masdea joined Tom Scholz onstage last night at the Bank of America Pavilion. Masdea performed on the debut album's "Rock and Roll Band." (justine hunt/globe staff)

(From the Boston Globe)
A few changes have been announced for Sunday night's tribute to late Boston vocalist Brad Delp at the Bank of America Pavilion.

Sammy Hagar, Orion the Hunter, and former Jefferson Starship singer Mickey Thomas are out and hometown rockers Extreme are in. (Hagar can't make it, according to the Boston website, for "personal business reasons.") Extreme joins the already-announced lineup of Michael Sweet of Stryper, Godsmack, RTZ, Farrenheit, auto magnate Ernie Boch Jr.'s Ernie and the Automatics, and Beatlejuice -- Delp's Beatles tribute act. Current and former members of Boston will also take the stage for the show, which will now start at 5:45 p.m. The gig is titled "Come Together" in honor of Delp's abiding love for the Fab Four.
A charitable foundation in memory of singer and humanitarian Brad Delp was recently established to carry on his spirit and legacy of compassion, generosity and kindness.

According to foundation spokesman Bill Faulkner, the idea for the foundation came from Brad’s adult children Jennifer and John Michael as a way to honor their father.

“To honor our father’s memory, the foundation will give grants to in-need school systems, programs and individuals that provide music education”, said Jennifer and John Michael, “Funding in the form of grants and scholarships will also be given to individuals that desire to continue their own musical education.”

Delp, lead singer for the bands Boston and Beatle Juice, was well known not only as a gifted singer but as having had an uncommon ability to listen, truly seek to understand and care about people.

During his lifetime, Brad lived a vegetarian, non-violent lifestyle and was particularly generous with his time and talent, playing many benefit concerts each year and otherwise supporting causes that he believed in such as children's causes, anti violence (to people and animals) organizations and school fundraisers, as well as those that helped hunger and shelter programs, among many others.

As gifted a performer as he was, Bradley is remembered as a far better person by family, close friends, bandmates and fans around the world.

Donations can be made to:

The Brad Delp Foundation
P.O. Box 1046
Lynnfield, MA 01940.

Business correspondence and inquiries should be directed to:

The Brad Delp Foundation
c/o Bill Faulkner
408 Lafayette Road
Hampton, NH 03842.

The foundation’s website, is under development and will be available soon.

UPDATE AUGUST 04: Brad Delp Foundation website is now up.
(From the Boston Globe)
Life's not getting any easier for the family of Brad Delp, the former Boston frontman who committed suicide in March. Waiting for next month's star-studded concert celebrating Delp's life and legacy, the rocker's ex-wife and children are fighting to hold onto the singer's estate.

Micki Delp, who was married to the "More Than a Feeling" singer from 1980 to 1996, says she was stunned to learn that her ex left his Atkinson, N.H., house to a long-ago girlfriend named Patricia Komor. Currently, the house is occupied by Pamela Sullivan, who was Delp's fiancee at the time of his death. She and Micki Delp are now joining forces to fight Komor's claim. "My understanding always has been that the kids would get everything," Micki told us yesterday. "And if and when Pam moved out, the house would be sold, and the proceeds split." Reached yesterday, Komor, who lives in Colorado, said she couldn't comment. "I can't respond because this is a matter that's supposed to be private," said Komor, who lived with Delp for six years. Micki Delp said she and her husband separated in 1991, and Komor entered the picture soon after. Delp's two children, 26-year-old Jennifer and 22-year-old Michael, have appealed to Komor to sign over the residence, but she refused, according to Micki Delp. "[Komor] wants fair-market value for the house and everything in it," she said. "[Komor] is offering to sell their father's belongings back to them. . . . It's morally and ethically wrong." Meanwhile, fans of Delp's old band are looking forward to the Aug. 19 tribute concert, which will feature performances by the original members of Boston -- Tom Scholz, Barry Goudreau, Sib Hashian, and Fran Sheehan -- and special guests Godsmack, Orion the Hunter, RTZ, Michael Sweet of Stryper, Starship's Mickey Thomas, and Sammy Hagar.
Former Boston vocalist Fran Cosmo has posted a bulletin through his Myspace profile regarding his involvement in the Come Together tribute. Unfortunately, Fran won't be performing.

Fran posted in his bulletin the following:

Hi everyone,

After starting rehearsals for the tribute show for Brad, I noticed that my voice was cracking and would drop out in the middle of lines. This is something that I never experienced in any of my years as a vocalist. I decided to see a doctor who specializes in this field. After looking at my vocal cords with a scope, I was diagnosed with a ruptured blood vessel. It makes it very difficult to sing. The bad news is that I will not be able to perform at the tribute show for Brad. This breaks my heart because of the years I sang with Brad in Boston. He was one of my closest and dearest friends ever.

The only good news from all this is that this problem can be cured by laser surgery. I will fully recover my voice with this procedure.

I am very sorry to the fans who were expecting me to be performing at this great show. I was to sing with Orion The Hunter and to perform the last song of the night "Don't Look Back" with Boston and former members, Barry Goudreau, Sib Hashian and Fran Sheehan. I plan on being there to support all of the entertainers and to pay tribute to my friend Brad Delp.

Tom Scholz was honored for his philanthropy work by the annual Animal Rights National Conference in Los Angeles, being presented with the Celebrity Animal Advocate of the Year Award in recognition of his long-term support of animal rights on July 22.

Tom, who was accompanied by his wife Kim, dedicated the award to Brad Delp, who supported his work through the DTS Charitable Foundation to help protect all life from needless suffering. He explained that Brad was a principal contributor to the foundation, which has helped many organizations like FARM USA. In his remarks, Tom paid tribute to Brad. Over the years, Scholz and Delp, also a longtime vegetarian and animal rights advocate, supported similar causes through their contributions they made to Scholz’s DTS Charitable Foundation.
“His commitment to ethical vegetarianism over thirty years ago was a major factor in my emerging awareness of the unnecessary cruelty to animals in our society,” Tom said.
Past recipients of this award include Alicia Silverstone, James Cromwell, Linda Blair, Charlotte Ross, Casey Kasem, Wendi Malick, Bill Maher and Dennis Kucinich.
Nearly a thousand animal rights activists from throughout the U.S. and eight other countries rallied in at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel in Los Angeles, CA on July 19-23 to review progress and to map national strategy for the coming year. Highlights included special sessions to defeat the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and reduce global warming, as well as eyewitness accounts of confrontational campaigns to save seals and whales.

The annual Animal Rights 2007 National Conference featured more than 100 speakers representing 60 organizations from every sector of the animal protection movement. The Headliners included Elizabeth Kucinich, John Feldmann of the band Goldfinger, Tom Scholz of the rock band BOSTON, Paul Watson who confronted Japanese whalers, and Marianne Thieme elected to the Dutch parliament on an animal rights platform

Kim and Tom Scholz in Florida Keys. Photo credit: Bob Summers

The much talked about Brad Delp tribute show entitled Come Together is finally set to go ahead. There was a press release published July 02.




(Boston, MA)  The family and friends of Brad Delp will “COME TOGETHER” to share a special musical night honoring and remembering Brad Delp, the extraordinary man and his beautiful music.   The iconic song title,  “COME TOGETHER,” was selected as the name and theme for the event to highlight Brad’s love of Beatles’ music and also to inspire a sense of collaboration amongst the many musicians, family, friends and community that loved and admired him.

Hosted by television personality, Lynn Hoffman, The concert will take place on August 19th, 2007 at the Bank of America Pavilion, Boston, MA.

The “COME TOGETHER” concert was motivated by the adult children of Brad Delp who invited  his family, friends, fans, Beatlejuice mates and members of the band Boston, present and past who shared his professional and social life for over 30 years to join them in honoring their father.

Jennifer Delp, a graduate of the prestigious University of Southern California film school, wrote and directed a film that will be shown during the evening.  It features never before seen footage of Brad Delp that expresses not only his role as the lead singer of the hugely successful band BOSTON, but the man himself, and those who loved him.

During his lifetime, Brad Delp generously supported causes that he believed in such as vegetarian and anti-violence (to people and animals) organizations as well as those that helped hunger and shelter programs. For more than two decades, he helped fund these concerns via donations to the DTS Foundation, founded by his collaborator of 35 years, Tom Scholz.  The DTS Charitable Foundation will receive a small portion of the proceeds from the “Come Together “concert. 

Most of the proceeds will go to The Brad Delp Foundation, a new charity being formed by his family members and headed by his children Jennifer Delp, 26, and John-Michael Delp, 22.

“To further honor our father’s memory, the foundation will give grants to in-need school systems, programs and individuals that provide music education. Funding will also be given to individuals that desire to continue their own musical education,” they said.

WHO: Performances by ERNIE & THE AUTOMATICS, FARRENHEIT, BEATLEJUICE, GODSMACK, ORION THE HUNTER, RTZ, and BOSTON who will be joined by guest vocalists Michael Sweet (Stryper), Mickey Thomas (Jefferson Starship) & Sammy Hagar.

For the first time in over two decades, former BOSTON band members Barry Goudreau, Sib Hashian and  Fran Sheehan have been invited to join BOSTON in playing Don't Look Back to end this special night

WHEN: Sunday, August 19th, 2007          

5:30 PM doors open, 6:00 PM Concert starts

WHERE: Bank of America Pavilion     Boston, MA

Tickets go on sale at 10 AM on July  9, 2007 and are priced at $35.00 each plus a $5.00 venue charge.  Tickets are available thru TicketMaster and and at the BOA box office.
The Boston Globe has published an article regarding some problems for the Brad Delp Tribute show scheduled for August 19.

We have more than a feeling that the tribute to Brad Delp is in doubt. Tickets for the Aug. 19 show still aren't on sale, and the promoter, Live Nation, has given no indication when they might be. What's the problem? Word is that the parties involved in planning the show honoring the late lead singer of Boston can't agree on where the money should go. Originally, Live Nation said proceeds from the show at the Bank of America Pavilion would benefit the Brad Delp Foundation, but guitarist Tom Scholz has questioned whether such a foundation actually exists and what its mission is. We're told he's requested more information from Delp's ex-wife, Micki, before signing on the dotted line. During his lifetime, Delp, who committed suicide in March, gave to many of the same causes supported by Scholz, including the Sierra Club and PETA. If the concert does take place, it's still not clear whether the band's original members -- Scholz, Sib Hashian, Barry Goudreau, and Fran Sheehan -- will share the stage or for how many songs. Among those lending their pipes to the proceedings will be Starship's Mickey Thomas, Sammy Hagar, and Stryper's Michael Sweet, who confirms his participation on his website.
There is a message posted on regarding the Brad Delp tribute show, as well as a hint of new material in the works.


We are expecting a confirmation within a few days of a tribute for Brad Delp planned by his son and daughter. In response to their invitation, BOSTON has offered to play a short set on Aug 19th along with a number of other artists they have invited, although the list of acts and other details of the event have not been confirmed as of yet. We understand the venue has been changed to the Pavilion on Boston Harbor, formerly Harbor Lights.

BOSTON is going ahead with preparations to appear; we plan to perform six or seven songs. Michael Sweet (Stryper), Mickey Thomas (Jefferson Starship), and Sammy Hagar have all offered to sing for BOSTON in place of Brad. We have also invited Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan, and Sib Hashian to join us on stage for the last song, "Don't Look Back," which will be sung by Fran Cosmo.

All of us are currently very busy with other projects, including completing some new BOSTON studio recordings. However, we are excited about getting together for this short performance, and will make time to get it together by August 19th.

See you there!
Tom Scholz

From the Boston Globe:

Looks like the rumored show honoring the late Brad Delp will take place after all. Word is that Tom Scholz and the surviving members of Boston will pay tribute to the band's late singer at the Bank of America Pavilion Aug. 19.

It'd be the first time in more than two decades that Scholz has shared the stage with fellow Boston members Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan, and John "Sib" Hashian. Others expected to pay tribute to Delp, who committed suicide in March, include Sully Erna and Godsmack, Cheap Trick singer Robin Zander, Extreme singer Gary Cherone, Ernie Boch's band Ernie & the Automatics, and Beatlejuice.
Members of the Danvers, MA community is getting together to form the Brad Delp Memorial Music Scholarship fund, which will support Brad's alma mater Danvers High School.

There will be a memorial concert in Danvers on July 13, 2007 at the Danversport Yacht Club starting at 7pm. There will be many guests, including The Automatics, Night Owls, 97 North, The Monks,  Bob Squires the original guitar player for Beatlejuice and members of Beatlejuice - Joe Holladay, Dave Mitchell, Stephen Baker and more.

In addition, there will be a silent auction and a live auction featuring Sib Hashian as the auctioneer.

If you can't make it to the event, you can order a tribute package on the website, as well you can make a donation to the Brad Delp Memorial Music Scholarship Fund.

More info:

On June 01, 2007 - the eighth anniversary the birth of this site, I am pleased to unveil a completely new look for A lot has changed over the past eight years, but this is more than just a new design.

If you've been visiting this site since the early days, you may have noticed that it has undergone many design changes over the years. Truth be told, I've never been overly happy with any of them. I have to say though that I'm happier with this than I have been with any other prior change. 

What you see here is the most massive change to this site since its launch on June 1, 1999. Until recently, the site was constructed using standard HTML markup, in which every page had to be manually created and uploaded. Now, this site uses a content management system, allowing me more control since the content is separate from the actual design. It also allows more flexibility on what content is displayed, for example, latest news items now appear on the front page very simply, I'm able to use extensions and other components to further enhance the site.

I decided when I was reworking the site to keep the general layout close to what the previous version to make it easier to find what you're looking for. By the way, this site now has search capability. I have also transferred over all the 200+ news postings dating back to June 1999 to this site, so you can see all the news that's ever been posted here. 

I hope you like the changes made to this site, if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let me know. By the way, don't be surprised if you see some changes appear on the site; I am always trying to improve the experience of So if you see any screw-ups, please let me know since I'm not likely to pick up on it for a long time!


Boston fan Chris Capozza has written and recorded a Brad Delp tribute song called Don't Leave Us Now. Chris wrote this song with the intention of making it a single to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Chris has also made it available for Boston fans to listen to.

Update June 25: You can now watch the video Chris has created for this.

Download Song (MP3 | 7.41 MB)

Don't Leave Us Now

I see the pain in your heart from the smile that isn’t there.
We should talk about it.
And there’s a look in your eyes that reveals you don’t think I care.
Can’t we talk about it?
No one wins if I let you believe everything is wrong, when you’re not strong.
Don’t want to think just how bad this could go if I wait too long, you might be gone.

Don’t leave us now,
this isn’t a time to surrender.
Don’t leave us now,
you couldn’t come back from forever.
Don’t want you to go so you’ve got to know
that I love you.
Don’t leave us now
‘cause one day it’s gonna be better.

I wouldn’t pretend that I know what you’re going through.
No one said it’s easy.
Won’t insult you by telling you that you’re just feeling blue.
I don’t think it’s easy.
It didn’t take only one day to make what you feel inside, need to heal inside.
With some help and a whole lot of love you can change your mind, but it takes some time.

Don’t leave us now,
this isn’t the time to surrender.
Don’t leave us now,
I tell ya it’s gonna get better.
How many ways do I have to say
That I love you?
Don’t leave us now,
You couldn’t come back from forever.

I know you’re too hurt and too tired to care what you’d leave behind.
Stop and think it over.
But this mountain you’re stuck on is something we have to climb.
Stop and think it over!
Won’t you reach out to me ‘cause you don’t have to own this all, or take that fall.
The light you’ve shined will reflect back on you to let love appear and you’ll be glad you’re here.

Don’t leave us now,
This isn’t a time to surrender.
Don’t leave us now,
You couldn’t come back from forever.
It’s making me cry at the thought of goodbye
‘Cause I love you.
Don’t leave us now,
I promise it’s gonna get better.

copyright - Chris Capozza

Boston's official site has posted some news by Tom Scholz regarding a final Boston concert, as well as the rumored Greatest Hits remaster.


After hearing that Beatlejuice planned to put on one last concert as a tribute to Brad, we decided we would really like to do something similar with BOSTON. After all, people around the world have listened to Brad singing these songs for thirty years.

We planned to let several well known singers that had a history with BOSTON cover Brad's lead vocal parts, and invite all our former bandmembers to sit in during the performance. The musicians and crew members of BOSTON feel like they are a part of a family, the loss affected us all, and we needed to get together again one more time. BOSTON concerts are what brought us together in the first place, so it seemed like the best thing to do for everyone.

Within a couple of weeks we had acquired a roster of great singers to fill in for Brad, and contacted many of our former band members, who were very excited about sitting in. Our guest vocalists were eager to sing the songs Brad made famous with BOSTON. All together we had about 20 performers who would be included in various parts of the concert. Since we had begun rehearsing for our spring shows early last winter, we were basically ready to play any time in April or June. We prepared a tentative set about two and a half hours long that included our most popular songs, with the extensive live arrangements we have presented in the past.

A note here about getting ready for a BOSTON concert: While we do our best to make BOSTON performances look effortless, in reality the parts are difficult to play and the intricate arrangements are a lot to remember. To be prepared for a typical concert requires both constant drilling so that the changes are automatic, and peak performance level to accomplish playing some of the instrumental passages. Once we have done this, improvisation on themes becomes possible, and concentration can be directed to emotion rather than simply recalling parts.

In my personal case this requires several months of preparation, followed by a time consuming ritual of daily rehearsal. Even during a tour, I practice 2 to 3 hrs a day.

Back to reality. Unfortunately, the local Live Nation promoter, who is the only game in town for putting on a major concert, was not able to give us a date for our BOSTON concert any earlier than late October. By that time the layers of rust would be very thick, and all those arrangement details long forgotten.

Rather than spending the time necessary to perform up to BOSTON standards six months from now, we've decided to let go of the idea and return to the studio where I had several projects already in the works. I'm also looking forward to possibly completing an engineering design I've neglected which could improve many people's lives.

Hopefully someday we will be able to resurrect the idea and put on a BOSTON reunion concert. Meanwhile we are planning to play a few songs along with several other bands at an Aug 19th tribute being put together by Brad's son and daughter. Although this won't be a BOSTON concert, we will play a few songs, as will Beatle Juice, Sammy Hagar, Extreme, Godsmack, RTZ, Cheap Trick, Ernie and the Automatics, and Charlie Farren, according to the information we have.

A bit of other news: I've just finished remastering BOSTON'S Greatest Hits CD which now includes "I Had a Good Time." It sounds a lot better than the old 1997 version; we'll let you know when Sony plans to release it. I plan to start mixing live tracks for a BOSTON Live CD next.

Walk On and Don't Look Back,
Tom Scholz


There is a new show added for the In My Life - A Concert for Brad trubute show, which already has two shows for May 03/04.

The third show is scheduled for Wed. May 02/07. Tickets will go on sale starting Tuesday, April 17 at 2pm EDT. There is a limit of four tickets and if the other two shows are any indication, tickets won't last long before selling out.

More information:

Source: Regent Theatre

If you have been to the forums at, you probably know of komit, who is a reliable source of information when it comes to Boston. Komit has made a very interesting post. The info was also posted on Boston_Rocks.

...Rumor has it that a concert in honor of Brad is scheduled for August 19th, in Massachusetts. It will include numerous bands, ending with Boston's last live performance, which will include all members that ever played with Boston, including the 3 other original members. Barry's bands RTZ and Ernie and the Automatics will perform as well.

There is also talk in that post that this show will take place in Mansfield, MA at the Tweeter Center. Also, it is said that Brad's kids were planning a show with the other bands and that Tom was planning a show as well, so it was decided that the two would be combined.

Source: Gonna Hitch a Ride

On May 3rd and 4th, 2007, The Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA will be hosting a two-day concert by Beatlejuice honoring the memory of Brad Delp, who was one of the band's members.

The concert will feature many guests, including Mike Gerard, Buddy Bernard, Brian Maes, Gardner Berry, Lisa Guyer, Jimmy Rogers, Dave Stefanelli, Kimberley Dahme, Michael Troy, Pete Distefano, MaryBeth Maes, Charlie Farren and Bob Squires.

The show will take place Thursday, May 3 and Friday May 4 at 8pm. Reserved Seats $20 (includes $1.50 theatre restoration fee). Tickets go on sale beginning Tuesday, April 10 at 12 Noon.

More Information:

Source: Regent Theatre