It's Always Been You cover

Tommy DeCarlo has released a new single. It's Always Been You is an R&B/smooth jazz duet with DECARLO bandmate Payton Rose, who did the vocals on their single Meet Me in the Middle.

You can listen to the song on most streaming platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal and YouTube Music.

Curly Smith, who has been with Boston on and off since 1994, has announced his retirement via a Facebook post on February 1st. The post shows a picture of Curly, along with his son, who goes by the name Zach Montana, performing Curly's long lost song Surrender To Me on Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in February 2022.

Thanks for the music, Curly! Enjoy your retirement.

Meet Me In The Middle cover

DECARLO has released a new single. "Meet Me In The Middle" was released on October 9th and is sung by band member Payton Velligan. It's available through iTunes, Amazon, and other streaming services.

Boston is collaborating with Soundwaves Art to create limited edition artwork made from the soundwaves of the classic Boston song More Than a Feeling. The artwork is created by Soundwaves Art's founder Tim Wakefield.

Tom Scholz will be signing prints at his home. Signed prints start at $397.56 USD. There is also an unsigned version available starting at $99.39 USD. Shipments of the order are expected to ship in late September.

All profits from this will support the charity Children In Conflict.

The Professor of Rock YouTube channel released an interview today featuring original Boston drummer Jim Masdea. Check it out.

BOSTON's Gary Pihl has a new project with an album releasing in November.

The Roads is a collaboration between Pihl and singer Mick Devine. It started when Khalil Turk of Turkish Delight sent Gary one of his songs so Gary could add guitars to it. Gary had some ideas for the song that would require changes to the drum parts. Gary was put in touch with the drummer, Josh Devine, from whom Gary later discovered that the vocalist on the track was Josh's father, Mick. Khalil suggested Gary and Mick work together.

The album features many special guests performing, including Boston/Stryper bassist Tracy Ferrie on bass, Lawrence Gowan (Styx), Paul Taylor (Winger), and Josh Devine.

Their first album Simple Man is due to be released on November 18, 2022 through Escape Music. You can pre-order the album from The Music Shop.

The Roads cover Track listing:

1: Let's Not Let It End Like This
2: Promise Me
3: Simple Man
4: How Long?
5: It Will Be Alright
6: No Way
7: Avalanche
8: Love So Strange
9: Just Not The Same
10: Love Lives In Promises
11: Will You Believe In Me?
12: Save You From Your Yesterdays

You can watch the promo video to their first song Let's Not Let It End Like This:

BOSTON vocalist Tommy DeCarlo is releasing a new solo album in December.

Tommy, who also has a band DECARLO with his son Tommy DeCarlo Jr, is releasing a solo album on December 9, 2022. The album Dancing In The Moonlight will be released on Frontiers Music srl, which is the same label that DECARLO released their album Lightning Strikes Twice, and where BOSTON's last album Life, Love & Hope was released on.

Tommy has released music as a solo artist previously, however this is his first full solo album, as well as the first solo release with a record label.

You can preorder the album or pre-save it to your preferred streaming service. The title track has already been released as a single, which is available to buy or stream.

Dancing In The Moonlight coverTrack listing:
1. Dancing In The Moonlight
2. Change Our Fate
3. Beyond Forever
4. Life Is Just A Game
5. No Surrender
6. The Game Is On
7. The Road Will Lead To You
8. In The Hands Of Fate
9. Find The Love
10. Home To You
11. Spread Your Wings And Fly
12. You And Me

There's also a music video for the title track:

Elizabeth Zharoff on The Charismatic Voice YouTube channel covered Boston's More Than A Feeling and Brad Delp's vocals.

FireCityFunk cover

A song recorded in the seventies but never released became a viral hit.

Boston drummer Curly Smith's 19-year old son Zach Smith, who goes by Zach Montana on TikTok, discovered the long-lost track by accident when a disc that was in the car's CD player began playing. Zach posted a TikTok video playing the track and reacting to it. The song is called Surrender To Me (not to be confused with the Boston song of the same name) and was originally recorded in 1978. On the video he posted "Guys PLEASE blow this up to convince my dad to release this song." The video immediately got thousands of plays overnight. To date, it has over 3 million views.

The track has received lots of praise, check out Zach's posts of the reactions from Meghan TrainorHerman Li and Anthony Fantano (Zach explains to an off-camera Curly what a banger is).  

The song has been remastered in the personal studio of the band Chicago, according to an update Zach posted. The song was released under the band name FireCityFunk on February 4 through multiple digital music services. Zach and Curly appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on February 16 to perform the song.

On why it was never released, Curly told Jimmy Kimmel "Well, it was very tough in those days to get a record deal. You know, especially with people like The Bee Gees dominating the charts. So I couldn't get it signed, so I just put it on a shelf for 43 years."


If you've got lots of money, here's your chance to own a piece of BOSTON history.

Gary Norman, the artist who created the LP cover art for BOSTON's second album Don't Look Back, is auctioning off the original illustration, and it can be yours, if you have enough money to win the auction.

Heritage Auctions is the auction house hosting the sale of this item. The original acrylic-and-airbrushed original artwork Gary Norman created for the second BOSTON album measures 25 x 46 inches (63.5 x 116.8 cm). The artwork was never framed, and according to Boing Boing, it's been sitting in his extra bedroom for almost 40 years.

The bidding has already surpassed the estimate of $5,000 to $7,000 (at the time of this writing, the current bid is $13,500). The auction ends April 30, so if you can afford it, you can make a bid. And who knows, you may be lucky enough to own it!