Boston members involved: Michael Sweet, Tracy Ferrie

stryper 400Before Michael Sweet and Tracy Ferrie became a part of Boston (not at the same time), they were established musicians as part of the Christian rock group Stryper. The band's first album The Yellow And Black Attack was released in 1984 and the band has had numerous albums since then.

Stryper has performed the song Peace of Mind with Boston's Tom Scholz and Gary Pihl during the Phoenix Rising show in Feb 2008, which raised money to benefit the Station Family Fund. The band also recorded that song in studio with Tom Scholz doing some guitar work on that song which was released as a single, and then on Murder By Pride.

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1984 (Re-released 1986)
Enigma (Re-released by Hollywood Records)

stryper yellow and black attack 400

Track Listing:
01. Loud 'N' Clear
02. From Wrong To Right
03. My Love I'll Always Show
04. You Know What To Do
05. Co'Mon Rock
06. You Won't Be Lonely
07. Loving You
08. Reason For The Season

Enigma (Re-released by Hollywood Records)

stryper soldiers under command 400

Track Listing:
01. Soldiers Under Command
02. Makes Me Wanna Sing
03. Together Forever
04. First Love
05. The Rock That Makes Me Roll
06. Reach Out
07. (Waiting For) A Love That's Real
08. Together As One
09. Surrender
10. Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Enigma (Re-released by Hollywood Records)

stryper to hell with the devil 400

Track Listing:
01. Abyss (To Hell With The Devil)
02. To Hell With The Devil
03. Calling On You
04. Free
05. Honestly
06. The Way
07. Sing-Along Song
08. Holding On
09. Rockin' The World
10. All Of Me
11. More Than A Man

Enigma (Re-released by Hollywood Records)

stryper in god we trust 400

Track Listing:
01. In God We Trust
02. Always There For You
03. Keep The Fire Burning
04. I Believe In You
05. The Writings On The Wall
06. It's Up 2 U
07. The World Of You And I
08. Come To The Everlife
09. Lonely
10. The Reign

Enigma (Re-released by Hollywood Records)

stryper against the law 400

Track Listing:
01. Against The Law
02. Two Time Woman
03. Rock The People
04. Two Bodies (One Mind One Soul)
05. Not That Kind Of Guy
06. Shining Star
07. Ordinary Man
08. Lady
09. Caught In The Middle
10. All For One
11. Rock The Hell Out Of You

Hollywood Records

stryper cant stop the rock 400

Track Listing:
01. Believe
02. Can't Stop The Rock
03. Soldiers Under Command
04. Free
05. Always There For You
06. Lady
07. To Hell With The Devil
08. In God We Trust
09. Honestly
10. Two Bodies (One Mind One Soul)
11. Together As One
12. You Know What To Do

Hollywood Records

stryper 7 400

Track Listing:
01. Something (Previously Unreleased)
02. For You (Previously Unreleased)
03. Shining Star
04. Lady
05. All For One
06. In God We Trust
07. Always There For You
08. Calling On You
09. Free
10. Honestly
11. The Way
12. Soldiers Under Command
13. Makes Me Wanna Sing

Big3 Records

stryper reborn 400

Track Listing:
01. Open Your Eyes
02. Reborn
03. When Did I See You Cry
04. Make You Mine
05. Passion
06. Live Again
07. If I Die
08. Wait For You
09. Rain
10. 10,000 Years
11. I.G.W.T.

Fifty Three Five Records

stryper roxx regime demos 400

Track Listing:
01. From Wrong to Right
02. My Love I'll Always Show
(Original Rock Version)
03. Loud N Clear
04. You Know What To Do
05. You Won't Be Lonely
06. Co'mon Rock
07. Tank (Robert Sweet Drum Solo)
08. Honestly

Big3 Records

stryper pom 400

Track Listing:
01. Peace of Mind

Big3 Records

stryper murder by pride 400

Track Listing:
01. Eclipse Of The Son
02. 4 Leaf Clover
03. Peace Of Mind
04. Alive
05. The Plan
06. Murder By Pride
07. Mercy Over Blame
08. I Believe
09. Run In You
10. Love Is Why
11. Everything
12. My Love (I'll Always Show)

Big3 Records/Sony

stryper the covering 400

Track Listing:
01. Set Me Free [Sweet Cover]
02. Blackout [Scorpions Cover]
03. Heaven and Hell [Black Sabbath Cover]
04. Lights Out [UFO Cover]
05. Carry on Wayward Son [Kansas Cover]
06. Highway Star [Deep Purple Cover]
07. Shout It Out Loud [Kiss Cover]
08. Over the Mountain [Ozzy Osbourne Cover]
09. The Trooper [Iron Maiden Cover]
10. Breaking the Law [Judas Priest Cover]
11. On Fire [Van Halen Cover]
12. Immigrant Song [Led Zeppelin Cover]
13. God