Boston member involved: Barry Goudreau

Lisa Guyer is a blues singer/guitarist in the Boston area. The Lisa Guyer Band is a solo project from her other band Mama Kicks (along with Gardner Berry and drummer David Stefanelli; formerly of Beloved Few and RTZ). Barry Goudreau is her co-writer and producer in her solo band.

Lisa Guyer Band released two albums; Gypsy Girl and Leap of Faith.

Released: 1997

lisa guyer gypsy girl 400

Track Listing:
01. Gypsy Girl
02. Brother Louie
03. Bluer Than You
04. Given You Up For Dead
05. Tears
06. Vending Machine Repairman
07. House of Glass
08. Change Blowin' Your Way
09. Telephone Blues
10. Move On

Released: 2000

lisa guyer leap of faith 400

Track Listing:
01. It's Alright
02. Sensual Shadows
03. Leap of Faith
04. You
05. Long Time
06. Contemporary Madness
07. Nobody's Somebody
08. Soul Mate
09. Damn Your Eyes
10. Lost in a Minute
11. Son of a Preacherman