Boston's official site has posted audio from a rehearsal from the Come Together show along with a message from Tom.


We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stay tuned...

We are trying to repair and mix the audio recording of BOSTON's performance at the Brad Delp Tribute show. For unknown reasons BOSTON's gear was moved and uncabled following our sound check. This, coupled with a minimal set change time, resulted in numerous technical problems during our performance, and even necessitated starting the set without Michael Sweet's guitar. Because there are missing or damaged tracks that will be troublesome in a stereo mixdown, this may require considerable effort in our studio, which is set up exclusively for BOSTON recording, editing and mixing. Two recordings were made, one into our normal live taping system and one into a professional A/V company computer. We have been unable to get the computer files converted to a form that can be used in our system. The recording on our own tape was reduced to an unacceptable level due to the interconnection with all the additional show and A/V gear. There was insufficient time to check and reset these levels, or to perform a full line check before BOSTON took the stage. In the meantime, while we try to sort this out, we thought that we would share this version of "More Than a Feeling," from a rehearsal session. This is from the first time that Michael Sweet rehearsed with Tom, Gary, Kimberley and Jeff together. FYI, this was an informal stereo recording, and the mix levels and quality are not up to professional standards.


Tom Scholz

PS: This is the real time mix I hear in my stereo earpiece feeds when we practice and play. Pretty cool, huh!

To hear Boston rehearsing More Than a Feeling with Michael Sweet, go to