(From the Boston Globe)
Life's not getting any easier for the family of Brad Delp, the former Boston frontman who committed suicide in March. Waiting for next month's star-studded concert celebrating Delp's life and legacy, the rocker's ex-wife and children are fighting to hold onto the singer's estate.

Micki Delp, who was married to the "More Than a Feeling" singer from 1980 to 1996, says she was stunned to learn that her ex left his Atkinson, N.H., house to a long-ago girlfriend named Patricia Komor. Currently, the house is occupied by Pamela Sullivan, who was Delp's fiancee at the time of his death. She and Micki Delp are now joining forces to fight Komor's claim. "My understanding always has been that the kids would get everything," Micki told us yesterday. "And if and when Pam moved out, the house would be sold, and the proceeds split." Reached yesterday, Komor, who lives in Colorado, said she couldn't comment. "I can't respond because this is a matter that's supposed to be private," said Komor, who lived with Delp for six years. Micki Delp said she and her husband separated in 1991, and Komor entered the picture soon after. Delp's two children, 26-year-old Jennifer and 22-year-old Michael, have appealed to Komor to sign over the residence, but she refused, according to Micki Delp. "[Komor] wants fair-market value for the house and everything in it," she said. "[Komor] is offering to sell their father's belongings back to them. . . . It's morally and ethically wrong." Meanwhile, fans of Delp's old band are looking forward to the Aug. 19 tribute concert, which will feature performances by the original members of Boston -- Tom Scholz, Barry Goudreau, Sib Hashian, and Fran Sheehan -- and special guests Godsmack, Orion the Hunter, RTZ, Michael Sweet of Stryper, Starship's Mickey Thomas, and Sammy Hagar.