Boston members involved: Barry Goudreau, Brad Delp, Sib Hashian, Fran Cosmo

The fall of 1979 brought to a close Boston's first tour of Europe. It also marked the end of two years of touring to promote Don't Look Back, Boston's second record.

The year 1980 began with uncertainty as to the band's future due to ongoing conflicts with its management and record label. Faced with a long hiatus, Barry began writing songs for what would be his first and only solo album.

The album came together and was released in the summer of 1980. It was well received and reached the Billboard Top 100 chart. Unfortunately, ongoing problems between the band Boston and the record label and questions about how the solo record was being promoted, resulted in the record being dropped by the label.

The album was out of print for many years, then re-released by Razor & Tie in 1996. The album was remastered in 2010 by Rock Candy.

The band consisted of:

Barry Goudreau - Guitars, Bass & Vocals
Brad Delp - Lead Vocals
Sib Hashian - Drums & Percussion
Fran Cosmo - Lead Vocals

1980 Epic/Portrait
1996 Razor & Tie Records (Re-release)
2010 Rock Candy (Remaster)

barry goudreau 400

Track listing:
01. Hard Luck
02. Nothing to Lose
03. What's a Fella to Do?
04. Mean Woman Blues
05. Leavin' Tonight
06. Dreams
07. Life is What We Make It
08. Sailin' Away
09. Cold Cold World