Boston member involved: Curly Smith

FireCityFunk is the name given to the music released by Curly Smith that was recorded in the seventies. FireCityFunk began after Curly's son Zach, who is on the social media site TikTok under the name Zach Montana, made a post of him talking about and reacting to a song he discovered when a CD that contained the song started playing in the car. The song is called Surrender To Me. The post went viral, and the song was later remastered and released through multiple music services.

The post and song gained media attention, with articles being written about the post and song. Curly and Zach even appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and performed the song.


Fire City Funk Surrender To Me cover

Track Listing:
01. Surrender To Me

@zach.montana Guys PLEASE blow this up to convince my dad to release this song??#dadsoftiktok ? original sound - Zach??