Boston members involved: David Sikes, Curly Smith

Innocent is a project composing of David Sikes, along with Jesse Bradman and Bob Gilles and David's Boston bandmate Curly Smith. Innocent released one self-titled album in 1997. David, Jesse and Bob joined forces again in 1999 to form a new project called Jesse's Powertrip, who released one album titled Not So Innocent.

Escape Records

innocent cover 400

Track Listing:
01. Say It Ain't True
02. Pray For The Rain
03. Love Is No Stranger
04. Walk That Walk
05. Hands Of Time (Angie)
06. Some Kinda Lady
07. These Are The Words
08. Eyes Of A Stranger
09. Why Do We Kill
10. Love Ain't Pretty
11. Carry The Torch