Before Kimberley Dahme was discovered by Tom Scholz while she was working with Tom Hambridge, Kimberley had already released three country albums, These Wheels, Berlin Unplugged and her self-titled album in 1999.

Since becoming a member of Boston, Kimberley has continued to released new albums, including You Barely Even Touched Me, Let's Sleep on it Tonight and You Make Me Believe.

Released: 2005
KE Records

kd sleep on it 400

Track Listing:
01. When Love Comes Callin
02. Let's Sleep On It Tonight
03. Go On
04. What About Me
05. Gypsy/Soy Gitana
06. Welcome to the Locker Room
07. Insane
08. I Got You
09. Baby I Want You
10. Bring Me Down
11. Who Loves You Baby

Released: 2009
KE Records

kd you make me believe 400

Track Listing:
01. Can't a Girl Change Her Mind
02. Rock You Like a Baby
03. Lighthouse
04. You Make Me Believe
05. Something We Do
06. No Question
07. Jet Lag City
08. The Only Man
09. Love Don't Leave Me Now
10. It Takes Two to Fall
11. With You