BOSTON's Gary Pihl has a new project with an album releasing in November.

The Roads is a collaboration between Pihl and singer Mick Devine. It started when Khalil Turk of Turkish Delight sent Gary one of his songs so Gary could add guitars to it. Gary had some ideas for the song that would require changes to the drum parts. Gary was put in touch with the drummer, Josh Devine, from whom Gary later discovered that the vocalist on the track was Josh's father, Mick. Khalil suggested Gary and Mick work together.

The album features many special guests performing, including Boston/Stryper bassist Tracy Ferrie on bass, Lawrence Gowan (Styx), Paul Taylor (Winger), and Josh Devine.

Their first album Simple Man is due to be released on November 18, 2022 through Escape Music. You can pre-order the album from The Music Shop.

The Roads cover Track listing:

1: Let's Not Let It End Like This
2: Promise Me
3: Simple Man
4: How Long?
5: It Will Be Alright
6: No Way
7: Avalanche
8: Love So Strange
9: Just Not The Same
10: Love Lives In Promises
11: Will You Believe In Me?
12: Save You From Your Yesterdays

You can watch the promo video to their first song Let's Not Let It End Like This: