The following was posted on BOSTON's official Facebook page:

BOSTON has always tried to be a positive force in a very messed up world, and it has been gratifying to see the number of fans who have responded to that commitment.

If you care about global warming, Latino kids torn from their parents by the US government, racial inequality and injustice, corruption, the breakdown of human decency, moronic federal Covid response, or if you just miss the America you once knew, then you need to vote NOW! Don’t wait until Nov 3rd; don’t trust your ballot to our sabotaged postal service. Find a drop box that is not a trick decoy box, or go in person (wearing your PPE) to an early voting site in your state, and vote or hand deliver your ballot to a trustworthy official.

Numerous web sites will give you information for your state to help you successfully cast your ballot in spite of Republican efforts to suppress your right to vote. There are several states in which this has already become a shocking problem, and this is not an election where we can afford to have votes thrown in a trash can by people who want to stay in power by any means. Time is almost up. Find a way to make your vote count, it has never been more important.

Tom Scholz