June 1 marks a special day for me. It was on this day in 1999 that I officially launched this site.

It's been a long road and this site has seen many changes. When I first launched it, it was called "Third Stage: A New World" and was hosted on a free web host. The site moved to another free web host until I moved it to a real host and set it up with the domain name thirdstage.ca -- giving the site a permanent address and new identity. When I started this site, I had no idea that it would still be around 10 years later -- after all, it all started as a little project to see if I could create an entire website in 2 weeks (which I did).

Those who have known of this site for a long time may know that it hasn't been up for the whole 10 years; I had shut it down in 2003 when I just didn't have time to devote to it, until 2005 when I decided it was time to bring it back. So yes technically you could say that the site isn't 10 years old, but whatever!

The site has also seen a lot of design changes (most of which were between awful and not-so-awful) and structural changes, most notably the change to a content management system that launched June 01, 2007. This change involved a lot more work than you might think, considering I had decided to archive all news postings since 1999.  There's also been a lot of growth in the content. I am most proud of the video section, which has over 50 BOSTON and BOSTON related clips.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this site over the years in all its incarnations, from passing along news to sending emails of support and especially thanks to those who have provided some financial support to help cover the cost of running this site. And of course thanks to present and past members of BOSTON for the music, which is the reason why this site is here in the first place.

I hope 10 years is just the beginning of this site.

Kimberley Dahme recently released her latest solo CD titled You Make Me Believe. BOSTON members Gary Pihl and Jeff Neal contributed to this album.  Also featured on the albums is the song With You, which appeared on the 2002 BOSTON release Corporate America.

The album can be purchased on Amazon and CD Baby as CD or MP3.

Track Listing:
01. Can't a Girl Change Her Mind
02. Rock You Like a Baby
03. Lighthouse
04. You Make Me Believe
05. Something We Do
06. No Question
07. Jet Lag City
08. The Only Man
09. Love Don't Leave Me Now
10. It Takes Two to Fall
11. With You

Kimberley's Official Site: www.kdsongs.com
BOSTON's official site has a post by Tom Scholz addressing some of the myths circulating about BOSTON, as well as some confusion being made of former artists' solo performances using the logo and music of BOSTON.

BOSTON shows, myths, and truths
by Tom Scholz

In spite of recent misleading ads claiming BOSTON appearances and even reunions of original members, BOSTON is not touring or performing this year.  While we're off this summer, several of our members are involved with other projects that are worth catching if you can:

Kimberley Dahme is releasing her new CD "You Make Me Believe" this month and has many solo appearances scheduled. Gary Pihl contributed writing, performing and production help to her effort, and Jeff Neal and I also did a little playing on the album. Gary will be joining Kimberley at several of her performances ... check out her tour page:

Michael Sweet is touring with Stryper this fall in support of Stryper's new album "Murder by Pride."  The tour marks their 25th Anniversary. Gary Pihl and I hope to catch up with them to sit in at some point.

Also, Gary Pihl is compiling a series of good quality video clips from live shows soon to be available here on bandboston.com, watch for it!

We are hoping to embark on another major BOSTON tour next year.  Meanwhile, I am finally back working to complete the next BOSTON studio album with some help from the gang, and I think you are really going to like it!

WZLX in Boston is running a "Classic Rock Idols" featuring a different rock icon each day. According to the Brad Delp Foundation, Friday, April 17 is expected to have music featuring Brad Delp's vocals. Those of you not in the Boston area can listen online wzlx.com/pages/4069524.php
As some of you may know, Michael Sweet's wife Kyle has been battling ovarian cancer since 2007. Sadly, Kyle passed away on March 05.  If you wish to express your sympathies to Michael and his family you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
If you missed the 2008 tour or want to get some more Boston merchandise, you can now get it online. There's a new online store where you can get t-shirts, hats, outerwear and other official merchandise, and for less than what it cost at the shows.

While this isn't exactly what you call "news", as a reader of the humor site cracked.com, I was stoked to see Boston referenced in one of their articles "6 Inspiring Rags to Riches Stories (That Are Bulls***)".  If you scroll down to #4 (Jewel), you'll see that they reference Rock & Roll Band.

Click here to see the article (warning, language not suitable for all younger or sensitive readers; discretion is advised).

The official Boston site has posted some updates on the front page.

Tom Scholz was recently interviewed for a PBS special "On Record: The Soundtrack of Our Lives", hosted by Sir George Martin, which is due to be broadcast in 2010. The documentary is an 8-hour special about the history of recorded music. The camera crew took many shots in Tom's studio Hideaway II.

Artist for The Simpsons gave each band member a BOSTONized Simpsons Cartoon with the following note:
To the members of Boston-

I grew up in Chelmsford, Mass, attended the Rhode Island School of Design, and landed the dream job of designing the Simpsons immediately following graduation in 1990. Boston has always by far been one of my favorite bands, and has literally helped me through 1000's of hours while sitting at the old drawing board over the years.

I had the privilege of meeting Brad Delp back in the spring of 2000 and many times after that through his band Beatlejuice. The last time I saw Brad, we discussed my doing a funny-cool Simpsons/Boston piece. He laughed and said, "Oh man, that'd be great - everybody in the band would love that." I hope you like it! It's the least I can do for all the great music over the years and I hope for many years to come! God bless you, your families and all your future endeavors!
Your Fan - Lance Wilder
and all the Boston Fans here on the Simpsons
simpsons drawing

The site also mentions the release of the Greatest Hits Remaster, which has been previously reported here.

Also, as some are aware, Michael Sweet's wife Kyle has been battling ovarian cancer. I'm sure you will join me in wishing Kyle the strength to beat this cancer.
Tommy DeCarlo, a Charlotte resident and new lead singer of the band "Boston," is donating five new Yamaha 61-key keyboards today to five students who are studying piano at Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte, NC. The students are in teacher Kristin Stonnell’s piano class. The students will have the opportunity to meet DeCarlo and thank him for his generous donation. The meeting will take place near the main office.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Website
(Thanks to Melissa for the info)
ImageEarlier in the year, we heard that there would be a remaster of Greatest Hits, which has been remastered by Tom Scholz. The CD was supposed to be released during the summer to coincide with the summer tour. Well the tour has come and gone with no sight of the remastered album -- or any word of the release for that matter.  Well it looks like we may actually see the remaster released!

According to billboard.com, the Greatest Hits remaster is due to be released Tuesday, January 27, 2009.  The remaster will have some changes to the lineup, most notably Tell Me, which was a new track sung by David Sikes, is being replaced with I Had a Good Time, which was the lead-in to the 2003 release Corporate America. As well Livin' For You will be replaced with I Need Your Love. The CD also excludes the Kalodner Edit of Higher Power.

Track Listing:
01.    I Had A Good Time
02.    Higher Power 
03.    More Than A Feeling 
04.    Peace Of Mind 
05.    Don't Look Back 
06.    I Need Your Love 
07.    Cool The Engines 
08.    Party 
09.    Feelin' Satisfied 
10.    Foreplay/Longtime
11.    Amanda 
12.    Rock & Roll Band 
13.    Smokin' 
14.    Man I'll Never Be, A
15.    The Star Spangled Banner/4th of July Reprise