By Alan Sculley

Forty years ago, Tom Scholz saw his life and career path get turned upside down -- in the best way -- when he got a record deal, released his first album as the musical genius behind the band Boston and watched that album turn the group into instant superstars.

"I was an engineer working full time (at Polaroid) and I saw what my sort of career path and my life was going to shape up to be, and I was perfectly happy with it," Scholz recalled in a mid-June phone interview. "Boston was a pipe dream and I never, never expected, even after I got the record deal, which was totally unexpected, even after I got that and made the (first) record, I went back to work at Polaroid. (I didn't expect) it to succeed."

Scholz had good reason to keep his expectations in check.

For more than five years, he had been making demos of his songs, shopping them to record companies, radio stations and other music business contacts and getting nothing but rejections.

Finally, he decided to take one last run at making a new demo, and if it didn't get him a record deal, he would do the responsible thing as a husband approaching his 30th birthday by selling his studio equipment and continuing his career at Polaroid.

By Michael Casper

Boston is coming to the State Fair. Other than a gyro and a cream puff, is there any other reason why not to make a trip to West Allis?

Their debut album, Boston, was released nearly 39 years ago to the day they will storm the stage on the 6th. That record still ranks as one of the best-selling debuts in US history with over 17 million copies sold.

I caught up with Gary Pihl (pronounced peel) who joined Boston in 1985, and who plays lead and rhythm guitar, keyboards, and provides backing vocals.

Gary was raised in the suburbs of Chicago for the first 12 years of his life, and then relocated to the San Francisco Bay area and has led a musical life ever since.

By Ken Kelley
The Music Nerd Chronicles

With more than 20 million records sold and an arsenal of hits including classic rock radio staples like "More Than A Feeling," "Smokin'" and "Amanda," Boston's place in the annals of music history was secured long ago.

Nonetheless, it remains an exciting place Boston vocalist Tommy DeCarlo to find himself. If you've ever doubted the legitimacy of the famed "Cinderella Story," DeCarlo is living proof that sometimes, dreams do come true.

Sadly, DeCarlo's involvement with Boston arose from unfortunate circumstances. In early 2007, the group lost their original vocalist when Brad Delp tragically passed away. It was DeCarlo's creativity and obvious talent that would eventually help him find his way to Boston leader Tom Scholz.

By Matt Wardlaw
Cleveland Scene

It's been quite a long time since Tom Scholz was a young boy growing up in Toledo. He's best known these days as the guitarist and creative mind behind the multi-platinum classic rock band Boston, but he's got fond memories of his Northeast Ohio days. During a recent phone conversation, he said that Cedar Point was a favorite destination. "As a kid of course, it was astounding. I was especially crazy about roller coasters. I don't know if they still have that old wooden one, but they had that most awesome giant old wooden roller coaster at Cedar Point and I could not get enough of that."

Long before Boston played its first shows here, Cleveland was already a destination on Scholz's roadmap.

"I'm really dating myself here, but when I started school at M.I.T., there was no U.S. I-90 that went all the way across the country," he says. "You had to drive through Cleveland to get back onto I-90 where it started up again to get to Massachusetts. So I've been through Cleveland many times and I have a couple of friends there too."

By: Joe Bosso

When we spoke with Tom Scholz last month, we tried to leave no stone unturned, peppering the iconic guitarist and architect of the famous Boston sound with questions about his idiosyncratic recording techniques, his gear, the recently issued Tom Scholz Gibson Collector's Choice #10 Tom Scholz 1968 Les Paul, and Boston's brand-new album Life, Love & Hope.

And yet, we didn't even scratch the surface, evidenced by the amount of questions for Scholz that we received from MusicRadar readers. While prepping for a New England-style blast of snow, the famed music maker and inventor sat down to answer your queries.