Elizabeth Zharoff on The Charismatic Voice YouTube channel covered Boston's More Than A Feeling and Brad Delp's vocals.

FireCityFunk cover

A song recorded in the seventies but never released became a viral hit.

Boston drummer Curly Smith's 19-year old son Zach Smith, who goes by Zach Montana on TikTok, discovered the long-lost track by accident when a disc that was in the car's CD player began playing. Zach posted a TikTok video playing the track and reacting to it. The song is called Surrender To Me (not to be confused with the Boston song of the same name) and was originally recorded in 1978. On the video he posted "Guys PLEASE blow this up to convince my dad to release this song." The video immediately got thousands of plays overnight. To date, it has over 3 million views.

The track has received lots of praise, check out Zach's posts of the reactions from Meghan TrainorHerman Li and Anthony Fantano (Zach explains to an off-camera Curly what a banger is).  

The song has been remastered in the personal studio of the band Chicago, according to an update Zach posted. The song was released under the band name FireCityFunk on February 4 through multiple digital music services. Zach and Curly appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on February 16 to perform the song.

On why it was never released, Curly told Jimmy Kimmel "Well, it was very tough in those days to get a record deal. You know, especially with people like The Bee Gees dominating the charts. So I couldn't get it signed, so I just put it on a shelf for 43 years."


If you've got lots of money, here's your chance to own a piece of BOSTON history.

Gary Norman, the artist who created the LP cover art for BOSTON's second album Don't Look Back, is auctioning off the original illustration, and it can be yours, if you have enough money to win the auction.

Heritage Auctions is the auction house hosting the sale of this item. The original acrylic-and-airbrushed original artwork Gary Norman created for the second BOSTON album measures 25 x 46 inches (63.5 x 116.8 cm). The artwork was never framed, and according to Boing Boing, it's been sitting in his extra bedroom for almost 40 years.

The bidding has already surpassed the estimate of $5,000 to $7,000 (at the time of this writing, the current bid is $13,500). The auction ends April 30, so if you can afford it, you can make a bid. And who knows, you may be lucky enough to own it!

The following was posted on BOSTON's official Facebook page:

BOSTON has always tried to be a positive force in a very messed up world, and it has been gratifying to see the number of fans who have responded to that commitment.

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Numerous web sites will give you information for your state to help you successfully cast your ballot in spite of Republican efforts to suppress your right to vote. There are several states in which this has already become a shocking problem, and this is not an election where we can afford to have votes thrown in a trash can by people who want to stay in power by any means. Time is almost up. Find a way to make your vote count, it has never been more important.

Tom Scholz

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) has revealed the latest entrants into the TECnology Hall of Fame (TECHOF), and Tom Scholz' Scholz Research & Development Rockman is one of them.

From the NAMM press release:

1982 Scholz Research & Development Rockman (Tom Scholz)

Long before the term “project studio” was coined, Tom Scholz (founder of the band Boston) built a basement studio to record his own music, including his band’s debut album. An engineer with a master’s degree from MIT, he created much of his own gear, including what was to become the Scholz Rockman, a pocket-sized box that offered compression, distortion, stereo chorus and delay effects for guitar — effectively becoming a complete studio or pedalboard in a miniature package.

Scholz founded Scholz Research & Development to manufacture and market his inventions, including the Power Soak amplifier attenuator, which allowed the recording of amps at lower volumes, along with the popular Rockman, X100, Soloist, Guitar Ace, and Bass Ace. With the Rockman’s headphone amp output, the unit could smoothly function as a direct box, providing players with a great sound that was consistent and simple to achieve — laying down the foundation for a revolution in the way guitarists make music, both live and in the studio.

Tommy DeCarlo's band DECARLO will be releasing their first album Lightning Strikes Twice on January 24, 2020.

As was reported in November 2018, DECARLO signed a record deal with Frontiers Music Srl, which is the same label BOSTON released their album Life, Love & Hope on. The album will feature 12 tracks, including I Think I Fell In Love With You, which is a song Tommy first recorded and released in 2011. Along with Tommy DeCarlo, the band also consists of his son, Tommy DeCarlo Jr. on guitar, Dan Hitz on drums, bassist David Netta and Payton Velligan on keyboard, guitar and vocals.

Track Listing:
01. A Better Day
02. You Are The Fire
03. Give Love A Try
04. Into The Storm
05. Lightning Strikes Twice
06. Still In Love
07. Rock N’ Soul
08. There She Goes
09. Stand Up (Play Ball)
10. The One
11. Gotta Go
12. I Think I Fell In Love With You

The album is available for preorder via Amazon, iTunes and Google Play Music.

A video for the title track is now available:

Back in 2018, Rick Beato covered Hitch a Ride on his YouTube series "What Makes This Song Great?". In a recent episode, he explores More Than a Feeling.

Cooking with Rock Stars

There's a new show coming out called Cooking with Rock Stars. According to the Englewood Sun, BOSTON's own Tommy DeCarlo will be featured in one of the first season's 13-episode run.

Hosted by John Campbell, Cooking with Rock Stars features musicians cooking their favorite dishes, then while they eat, answer questions and share stories of their life. The show will also feature Jonathan Cain (Journey), Mike Levine (Triumph), Brian Howe (Bad Company), along with artists from bands such as Black Sabbath, Joan Jett, Kansas, Meat Loaf, Beck, and more.

The series is expected to debut on PBS in October 2019, with releases later on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

June 1 marks a milestone for this site - the twentieth anniversary of its launch.

It all started in mid-May of 1999. After my first year of college, I decided I wanted to create a Boston fan site. At that time, I decided to give myself a deadline of two weeks to complete it. On June 1, I launched Third Stage: A New World on the free webhosting service Webjump. The site was later moved to Batcave - another free webhost. In 2001. After getting tired of having a site plastered with ads from the webhost, along with limitations they placed on free hosting accounts, I decided to start putting money into the site and registered the domain name thirdstage.ca and moved the site to a paid hosting service. At that time, I decided to rebrand the site from Third Stage: A New World, to simply thirdstage.ca.

If you've been visiting this site long enough, you may recall that for a while, I actually closed up the site. It was 2003, and it was getting harder for me to give the site the attention I thought it deserved. So instead of letting the site languish, I made the hard choice to close it up. Then in 2005, during a time where I had a lot of time to spare, I decided to relaunch the site.

The site underwent a number of redesigns over the years. In 2007, I embarked on a number of changes for the site, starting with a new webhost. in March of 2007, I started the process of moving the site to a new webhost. It was during this time the news of Brad Delp's passing came about. On June 1, 2007, I released a major rebuild of the site. This was a particularly big change as I moved the site to a content management system. This meant I had to manually recreate all the content from the existing site one page/article at a time. The site changed again in November of 2009 after upgrading the CMS this site runs on. It remained largely unchanged until recently.

The 20th Anniversary Relaunch includes some major improvements:

Gary Pihl's band Alliance has a new album coming out. Fire and Grace is being released on Escape Music on May 24, 2019. The album will feature 12 tracks, with a thirteenth bonus track for the first pressing of the album.

alliance fire and grace 400

Track listing:
01: The Wheel (3:39)
02: Good Life (4:03)
03: Uncertain (6:34)
04: I'll Have Some Of That (4:43)
05: Fire And Grace (3:26)
06: Raise Your Glass (3:24)
07: Time (4:38)
08: Real Thing (4:33)
09: Reason To Walk Away (4:26)
10: Fast Forward To Last Night (3:13)
11: Change Of Heart (4:21)
12: The Same (4:02)
13: You Are The Heroes (3:27) *bonus track with first pressing only

Update May 28: While the album is available now on digital platforms, it looks like the CD release has been delayed to June 14, as the Amazon.com listing now shows that as the release date.