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As previously announced, Stryper is releasing a new CD, called The Covering. This features covers from different rock and metal bands. Michael Sweet had been posting hints on his Twitter account during the recording process as to what songs they were covering. Stryper has now released some audio samples on their site.

To listen to them, just go to: www.stryper.com/thecovering777

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Update Sep 15, 2010:
I have received an email from Barry who received a copy of this remaster with the interview he did (which he had forgotten about as it was done a long time ago). He says the release is on the "up and up" and gives his okay to endorse this album.

Previously, some doubts arose as Barry had no knowledge of this remaster, despite the fact it was advertised as having "full involvement from Barry Goudreau." Based on that, I did not recommended purchasing it. However, now that Barry has given his okay to endorse the album, I have reversed my previous recommendation to avoid it.

This info comes from Rock Candy. It has also been posted on melodicrock.com.

barry goudreau 400There's no getting away from the fact that the debut Boston album was one of the greatest, and of course most successful, recordings in the history of rock music. It was a record that changed the lives of the band members forever, rapidly elevating them from humble beginnings to headlining huge arenas worldwide. But good fortune soon turned to disappointment as the band slowly began to implode under the constant demand to keep the cogs of their hit making machine in motion.

By 1980 Boston was effectively put on ice by leader Tom Scholz, in an effort to resolve numerous business differences, leaving the rest of the group with time on their hands. Guitarist Barry Goudreau seized the moment and set about recording a solo album, enlisting the help of then unknown vocalist Fran Cosmo who, ironically, would later go on to replace front man Brad Delp in Boston.

Every inch as good as a fully-formed Boston album, the record is choc full of superbly constructed songs, great hooks, impressive production (from John Boylan, the producer of the debut Boston album) and Goudreau’s unmistakable, rich guitar tone. Look out too for further support from fellow Bostonians Sib Hashian and Brad Delp. A great lost classic for sure and one that sounds as impressive today as it did when first released.

24-bit remastering from original source tapes, 4,000 word essay about the making of the album and a new interview and full involvement from Barry Goudreau. Additional previously unseen photos and memorabilia spread out over a 12 page full colour booklet.

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Stryper will be releasing a new album in Fall of 2010. The Covering, which will be released on Big 3 Records in the Fall. The release date has not been set, but according to Michael Sweet, they are aiming at a September release.

Based on Michael's Twitter feed, the album will feature covers such as:

Iron Maiden - "The Trooper"
Judas Priest - "Breaking The Law"
Scorpions - "Blackout"
Ozzy Osbourne - "Over The Mountain"
Sweet - "Set Me Free"
Van Halen  - "On Fire"
Deep Purple - "Highway Star"
Black Sabbath - "Heaven and Hell"
UFO - "Lights Out"
Kansas - "Carry On Wayward Son"
KISS - "Shout It Out Loud"
Led Zeppelin - "Immigrant Song"

Stryper will also include a new song called God.

In addition, Stryper is putting the song God up for auction. If you recall, Stryper auctioned off their single "Alive" in two auctions, in which the winners share in a percentage of the royalties of the song. In this case, they are auctioning a song that has not yet been released. To see the auction, go to SongVest.

Lot #1: The Platinum Edition - 2 Lots
12.5% of Michael Sweet’s Writer’s Share of the song’s royalties
Exclusive studio access to witness the final mastering of “God” to take place sometime between June 18 and June 21 (travel and accommodations paid for by purchaser)
Special Acknowledgement in the album credits
Personalized, one-of-kind platinum album award with handwritten lyrics and signed CD

Lot #2: The Gold Edition - 10 Lots
2.5% of Michael Sweet’s Writer’s Share of the song’s royalties
Gold single award signed by Michael

(from bandboston.com)

Acoustic Rock Magazine's July 2010 issue presents a guide to the 25 greatest acoustic songs in hard rock, featuring the lightest tunes from the heaviest hitters. By Joe Bosso "More Than a Feeling" comes in at number two, just behind "Stairway to Heaven" at number one.

"Tom Scholz's soaring leads and crunchy, multi-tracked electric guitar rhythms have more than a little to do with "More Than a Feeling" becoming one of classic rock's most enduring anthems. But it is the song's lilting, arpeggiated acoustic intro that puts fans in the mood. Working as something of a one-man band in his basement, Scholz, one of music's first DIY dudes, played all the guitar parts on "Feeling".

A bit of trivia: Noting the similarities between "More Than a Feeling" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Kurt Cobain teased fans at Nirvana's 1992 Reading Festival performance with a few bars of the Boston classic."

Former BOSTON singer Fran Cosmo has released a demo from 1985 called Highway In Your Eyes.  The song was recorded with Fran's Orion the Hunter bandmate Bruce Smith.  If you enjoyed Orion the Hunter, I think you'll enjoy this track.

To hear it, you can go to Fran's Facebook page.

UPDATE - May 28: Fran has released two more demos:
I Believe In You
Is It Love

(this was posted on the official Boston site)

Can a human really sing that well?!  Not since the late Brad Delp have I heard anyone consistently display that kind of technical vocal ability, and last night I think Siobhan surpassed it. Even the Darth Vader of talent competition, Simon Cowell, had to summon up a compliment or risk looking completely tone deaf.

But it's not just that she has amazing pitch, incredible range, effortless control, and a huge beautiful voice - although that would be enough - she really seems to live in the moment of the song, putting real heart into her performances. OK, so I'm prejudiced, but how could you not love this girl? I suddenly find myself telling people "I met Siobhan Magnus," and walking around with a phone hitting redial for two hours every Tuesday night.

Good luck, Siobhan, you deserve nothing but the best in this new future you've created for yourself.

-Tom Scholz

If you were like me when you heard that ABBA was getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and wondered how they managed to get in but not BOSTON, well this would be a good time to make your voice heard.

There's currently a petition set up by Boston fan Nick Blazanovic to have BOSTON inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  If you want to see Boston inducted, then take a moment and fill out the online petition.  www.gopetition.com/online/34819/sign.html

Encourage your friends and family to sign the petition too -- every name counts!

Yes, you read the headline right, you can get the chance to own a piece of a Stryper song!

SongVest is currently hosting an auction between March 6 to 13, where the winner can get among other things, a percentage of royalties from the song Alive.  There's currently two lots up for auction:

Lot #1: The Multi-Platinum Edition
• 40% of Michael Sweet’s Writer’s Share of the song’s royalties
• Private dinner for two with Michael
• Michael's acoustic guitar used on EVERY Stryper and Michael Sweet recording since 1995
• Personalized, one-of-kind plaque with handwritten lyrics and signed CD
• A life-time VIP Guest Pass for two

Lot #2: The Platinum Edition
• 5% of Michael Sweet’s Writer’s Share of the song’s royalties
• Album award signed by Michael
• A one-time VIP Guest Pass for two

The auction ends at 3pm EST Saturday, March 13. If you're wondering if this is legit, Michael Sweet posted this on this official Twitter account.

Brad DelpMarch 09 marks three years since Boston member Brad Delp passed away.

Brad, who was the original vocalist of Boston, and involved with other bands such as RTZ and Beatlejuice, died March 09, 2007 in his Atkinson, NH home. It was revealed in the days after his death that Brad had taken his own life.

Brad's legacy of being such a generous and giving person has been carried on with the Brad Delp Foundation, a chartitable organization set up by his daughter Jenna.

Let's all take some time today to remember Brad and his golden voice. Take out your Boston albums (and RTZ, Delp and Goudreau, and anything else Brad worked on) and play them loud and proud.

We will never forget you, Brad.

(from bandboston.com)

I woke up very nervous today. More music business trouble? An IRS audit? My dog ate the tape I finished last week? No, much more serious ... I'm worried about American Idol tonight!!

Now any of you who know me might think I've lost the last few marbles I had left, since I NEVER watch American Idol. In fact, the mere mention would start me on a rant over their stupid age rules that eliminate great singers, and all the glitz and needless hoopla you have to sit through just to watch someone cover a chopped down version of a pop song.

But now all that has changed. Last December I heard a young girl from Cape Cod singing Christmas songs for kids at a little event. I only knew her as a niece of friends of mine, but when I heard the voice, I was mesmerized by her ability to bring these simple songs to life.

Since then I discovered she had tried out for American Idol, and now, even in the early weeks of the competition, her name is becoming a household word, Siobhan Magnus. While her beautiful voice and vocal ability have been almost universally obvious to all, the fact that she is as real, down to earth, and sweet as she seems is known only to the few who have met her.

Siobhan has done all of this by herself starting from nothing, and no matter how far she gets in the competition, she has already earned herself a place in many people's hearts, and I doubt anyone deserves it more.

So I'm very nervous today, because tonight she sings again and I hope with all fingers crossed that things go well for her again.

Ms. Magnus, you've done the impossible, you've made me an AI fan.

-Tom Scholz