Well, the webmaster from boston.org has released the following statement:

I know that everyone is waiting for official information regarding the new album. I hope to have more to tell you shortly. There is a great deal of work going into this release and all of the events surrounding it! It's getting closer! Look for more news soon!

It's looking more likely that the info circulating has some truth to it.

If you remember an earlier bulletin, Hybrid Ice reunited to perform some shows (Hybrid Ice is the group that originally wrote and recorded Magdalene).

Some pictures are available online of their May 18th performance in Berwick, PA, courtesy of teapartybo. Click here to see them.

Wednesday, June 12 marks the 51st birthday of Boston vocalist Brad Delp. Happy Birthday Brad!

Info courtesy of melodicrock.com

Escape Music's Boston Tribute Album is now completed, with a release date set for early October 2002. The Tribute features a host of musicians and vocalists, including the talents of:

Terry Brock (Sign, Strangeways), Tony O'Hara (Praying Mantis), Peter Sundell (Grand Illusion), Chris Ousey (Heartland, The Distance, Virginia Wolf), Steve Overland (FM), Timothy Lewis (Departure), Sean Harris (Diamond Head), Vinny Burns (ex-Ten), Tommy Denander (Radioactive), Ronni Le Tekro (TNT) with Steve Morris (Heartland) on guitars, Don Airey (Ozzy Osborne, Deep Purple and more) Hammond Organ and Keyboards, Mike Walsh guitar and Hammond Organ (Departure), Kenny Kaos (The Distance, Pokerface, Paul Laine) on guitar, Frank Baker (Heartland, Prism) on drums and Dave Hopia (The Distance) on bass.

The tribute includes many other guest musicians. It was mixed and mastered by Pete Coleman.

Official word passed on from boston.org webmaster Troy Bartlett:

"BOSTON has plans to tour this summer behind a new album that is about to come out on Artemis Records. The group, or more accurately BOSTON mastermind Tom Scholz, has spent more than two years in a basement studio working on the record. 'We believe they will be touring this summer and fall, but there's no start date yet,' APA Senior VP Troy Blakely told POLLSTAR.

The band last toured in 1997. The three-year-old Artemis Records label, co-founded by former Warner Bros. Records chief Danny Goldberg, reported plans to invest $1 million in marketing and promotion, and to initially ship at least 500,000 copies of the record."


ps. This was sent to us from the Boston Office today. Not only was there news on the album, but promotion and touring info as well! Please remember that this is Boston, and dates are never firm until they are in the past...

Thursday, April 25th marks the birthday of former Boston bass player David Sikes. Happy birthday David!

On Tuesday, April 16th, there was another Boston album released. Not the album we expected. This was a compilation album.

It's called More Than a Feeling. If you're familiar with the Rock and Roll Band compilation that was relased 4 years ago, you'll recognize the band picture on the cover; it's the exact same one. That's not the only similarity; not some, but all the songs listed are the same as the Rock and Roll Band disc. Even more so, they are in the exact same order. It's already featured at CDNOW.com, amazon.com and other online retailers selling for around $8.00.

A member of the Boston Bulletin Board spoke to Brad Delp recently and this person asked Brad about the album. Here's what Brad told them:

*The album is in the final stages of mixing (no info regarding title, release date, etc)
*They still don't have a drummer to tour with (there goes my theory on Anthony Citrinite)
*All decisions rest on Tom's lap
*Brad will be raring to go when it's time to tour

If you've been here before, you probably noticed that things look a little different (actually, things look a lot different). Not only did I get it done on time, but it's up 1 week ahead of schedule (I set the relaunch date for Apr. 15)!

I've completely redesigned this site from scratch. I wanted to make this site more pleasing to the eye, faster to download, more comprehensible, as well as make it easier to get the information you want (like putting the Headlines and the On This Day info on nearly every page).

If you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me.

This info is from the HybridIceFans list:

It has been four years since the name Hybrid Ice has appeared on a marquis. And over a decade since some of the former members have appeared on stage. Now, the original members of the Hybrid Ice who recorded the self-titled debut and "No Rules" albums have gotten back together to give their fans what they have been asking for, for many years...more live performances.

The lineup includes Rick Klinger, Rusty Foulke, Jeff Willoughby, Bob Richardson, Chris Alburger and we are very pleased to announce that Bernie Garzio (who joined the band in 1996) has agreed to be part of the Hybrid Ice Reunion as well.

The Danville PA based band achieved Top 5 regional chart status with the song "Magdelene," shortly after it's release in 1982. A second album "No Rules" was released in 1988. In 1994, the rock group "Boston" re-recorded the song "Magdelene" and propelled it to international status selling in excess of one million copies. The band continued to perform with various personnel changes until July 1998. In June 2000 a British record label, Escape, released the group's first album on CD. The band also released their own Limited Edition CD of the same album weeks later. Rumors of a reunion started to surface at that time. But personal scheduling conflicts quashed the possibility of a reunion then.

Rehearsals for this year's reunion began several weeks ago and all involved have reported things are going very well. One group member told us,"The spark is back and everything feels good. It's great to be working with these guys again."

Some venue locations have been booked with the determinant factors being geographic location to be able cover a sampling of the area they once performed. And by size of the venue itself to be able to accommodate as many fans as possible in each location. As of this writing, the following shows have been CONFIRMED:

Saturday, May 18 - Pepper's Lounge at the Briar Creek Sports Complex, Berwick PA
Saturday, May 25 - Thunderdome, Baltimore MD
Saturday, June 1 - Shakey's, Hershey PA
Saturday, June 8 - TJ's Clubhouse, Lock Haven PA
Saturday, July 13 - Washie's, Danville PA