By Rob Hanson

Michael Sweet, left, and Tommy DeCarlo of Boston brought their classic rock sound to Rock Fest Thursday. Staff photo by Dan Reiland
As if they were crusaders for 1980s arena rock, Boston and Poison cranked out timeless hits on foggy Thursday night at Rock Fest in Cadott, as part of a lineup that gets progressively more modern as the weekend rolls on.

Boston headlined the evening from what looked like the cockpit of the interstellar ship on the cover of their debut album, giving fans all the classics from an intriguing stage setup.

The 90-minute set opened with the patriotic "Star Spangled Banner" rock 'n'roll style, before heading into a slew of fan favorites, including "Rock N' Roll Band," "Piece of Mind" and "Cool The Engines."

Axemen Tom Scholz, Tommy DeCarlo and Michael Sweet brought home the magnificent, harmonized guitar tones that have symbolized Boston since day one.

DeCarlo respectfully played his roll as the rookie member of the band, filling in vocals for late singer Brad Delp.

The East Coast rockers carried on the hit parade with "Don't Look Back," "Amanda" and surprisingly early in the show, "More Than a Feeling."

By Christopher John Treacy
Boston Herald

It was a night of overcoming handicaps.

The big question about Boston’s summer tour is how the FM favorites would get by without late vocalist Brad Delp. And while there’s certainly no replacing him, it seems the current lineup is doing just fine.

Despite Sunday night’s gig at the Comcast Center in Mansfield being the group’s homecoming show, a rash of recent and soon-to-come big-name events in town stole some of the group’s thunder: Boston only nearly filled the covered portion of the venue, leaving the lawn barren.

But for those in attendance, it was time and money well-spent. True, a valid argument could be made that watching Boston perform now feels like seeing a cover band - but with founder Tom Scholz on board, this is as real as it’s going to get. Don’t like it? You don’t have to come. And the truth is, you’d be missing a fun show.

After an instrumental rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” for openers, Scholz and company kicked into “I Had a Good Time” from 2002’s “Corporate America,” then dusted off the trusty “Peace of Mind.”

By Joe Belanger
The London Free Press

It was 'more than a feeling' that something special was happening in London Saturday night.

Boston welcome to London. London welcome to Boston. Boston welcome to Rock The Park because Harris Park rocked.

Three guitars, a solid back beat on drums backed by a heavy bass and keyboards with vocal harmonies that never missed and an estimated 10,000-plus fans left Harris Park satiated, most wanting more.

By Scott Mervis
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It's been such a long time ...

Yeah, in fact, it was starting to look a lot like Boston didn't like Pittsburgh. Boston the band, not the city.

Despite just about every other arena-rock band from the '70s making frequent stops here, Boston skipped Pittsburgh on both its 2004 and 2008 tours. Those were very different tours, as 2004 was the final run for beloved singer Brad Delp, who took his own life three years later. The 2008 tour introduced Tommy DeCarlo, who was discovered via YouTube while working at Home Depot in Charlotte, N.C.

The Boston faithful got their first look at him four years ago, but it was all new to us Friday night at a packed Stage AE.

On his second run, Mr. DeCarlo certainly looks more the part, with his hair grown out and the hardware-guy mustache expanded into the aging rock-star goatee. Judging from footage of the last tour, he also seems more animated in the frontman role. Between his range and vocal tone -- not to mention his humility and respect for Mr. Delp -- they could not have found a better man to step in for the original.

By Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

KINDER, La. — Make no doubt about it, Boston is not just another 'rock and roll band.'

The rock band Boston performed this past Friday night at Coushatta Casino and Resort in Kinder, La., in front of several thousand loyal rock fans and the group delivered a stellar concert performing hit after hit during a spectacular 90-minute showcase.

The concert started strong and the band never faltered with hits such as 'Rock and Roll Band,' 'Smokin',' 'Feelin' Satisfied,' and 'Peace of Mind.'

Guitarist and founding member Tom Scholz is still on the top of his game, and vocalist Tommy DeCarlo sounds so similar to deceased vocalist Brad Delp one can't help but imagine it is Delp's voice itself roaring through the speakers.

The group also included many worthwhile tracks during the show, including several from the band's third album, 'Third Stage.' Songs included 'Cool the Engines,' 'We're Ready,' 'My Destination,' 'To Be a Man' and the hit single, 'Amanda.' Other notable songs were 'Walk On' and '

No Boston concert could be complete without hits 'More Than a Feeling,' 'Don't Look Back,' and 'Long Time.'

Boston may not be the same group which emerged in the mid-1970s and sold approximately 17 million copies of its debut album, but there is no denying this will never be just another rock and roll band. From Boston or elsewhere.