Any town where people are ready to rock is a favorite for the classic rock band Boston.

Washington will have a chance to be that town Saturday night, Aug. 8, when Boston takes the Main Stage at the Washington Town and Country Fair. The show is scheduled to begin at 8:30 p.m.

Gary Pihl (pronounced Peel), who has been with Boston since 1985 performing rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards and backing vocals, wasn't giving away any secrets about the upcoming show when he spoke with The Missourian's Currents Arts and Entertainment Editor Ethan Busse last month in a phone interview.

By Anne Erickson
Lansing State Journal

Imagine getting the offer to join your favorite band in the world, go on tour and play songs for thousands of adoring fans. Tommy DeCarlo found himself in that situation when he joined Boston, the classic rock band known for their towering prog-rock and catchy pop hooks.

Boston will perform to a sold out show Saturday at FireKeepers Casino in Battle Creek, and we caught up with DeCarlo ahead of the show to talk about his journey joining Boston.

Billboard Magazine

When Boston's "Third Stage" album finally surfaced toward the end of 1986, it rocketed to No. 1 on the Top Pop Albums chart. Now the group is gearing up for its first live dates since the 1979-80 tour to promote its second album, "Don't Look Back. "During a recent interview with Billboard talent editor Steve Gett, bandleader Tom Scholz spoke at length about a variety of topics, including Boston's new deal with MCA and its ongoing legal battles with CBS. For its part, CBS had no comment on the issue.

Q: How on earth does anyone spend six years making an album?

A: Well, the first one took me seven years to get together, and this one only took six. So I see it like I cut a year off. What do people expect? I actually had to do this one in the face of a lawsuit. I had to make money on the side to make the record, so this one was actually tougher.

Q: Did a lot of the recording funds end up coming from your Rockman amplifier company?

A: Yes. There was a point in 1982 when CBS -- Walter Yetnikoff, I guess -- pulled the rug out from under me and withheld all the royalties. I was using that to make a record. I didn't have an advance or anything. It costs plenty of money to record an album, not to mention staying alive for all those years. When he pulled the plug on the royalty money, I ran out of finances. So I had to go into this company, SRD [Scholz Research & Development], that makes the Rockman, on a full-time basis. I did that in 1982, right after I got wind of what was going on. I knew these guys weren't going to play fair and square with me, and I knew I was gonna need a source of cash, just to do the record. It turns out I also needed a lot of cash to continue to fight their lawsuit.

Q: How much of the album was recorded at that stage?

A: One-half was in existence. The first side was complete, right through. And there wasn't anything that would stop me from completing that record. Nothing was going to make me compromise and do a half-baked job.

By Kendall Rotar and Sarina Sutton
The Trinity Voice

Mainly known for the record breaking hit, "More Than A Feeling," Boston has made mark on music for decades. Their first album Boston is known as one of the best selling albums in recording history today. Specifically, Gary Pihl has made a name for himself alongside his good friend Tom Scholz. Pihl jumped around from the Grateful Dead to the Sammy Hagar Band and found his place in Boston in 1985. The Bite had the chance to chat with Pihl about his journey with Boston.

By: Ken Sharp
Rock Cellar Magazine

In 1976, the music of Boston was inescapable. You'd have to be living on a another planet if you wanted to avoid the melodically-powered aural juggernauts More Than a Feeling, Foreplay/Long Time and Peace of Mind, anthems culled from the group's extraordinary debut, which has tallied over 17 million sales to date.

Over the course of numerous lineup changes and through the tragic death of lead singer Brad Delp, the Boston machine keeps humming with mastermind/chief songwriter/producer/guitarist Tom Scholz faithfully overseeing all their musical adventures.  Now Scholz and company are back with Life, Love & Hope, the group's first new album in over ten years.