Boston members involved: Barry Goudreau, Fran Cosmo, Brad Delp (guest vocals)

Orion The Hunter was Barry Goudreau's second band since leaving Boston. He formed the band with Fran Cosmo (who worked with Barry on his last group effort). In 1984, the group's self titled album was released. And like Barry Goudreau's release, there was only 1 album out.

Orion the Hunter consisted of:
Fran Cosmo: lead vocal, phased guitar on "Stand Up"
Barry Goudreau: rhythm, slide, 12-string, lead guitar and vocals
Bruce Smith: bass, vocals
Michael De Rosier: drums

Additional Musicians:
Brad Delp: backing vocals on "All Those Years", "Joanne" and "Stand Up"
John Schuller: Oberheim organ and mellotron
Peter Wood: Memory Moog, Prophet and piano on "I Call it Love"
Jimmy Braelower: Simmons programming