Delp tribute hits some snags
Saturday, June 30, 2007
The Boston Globe has published an article regarding some problems for the Brad Delp Tribute show scheduled for August 19.

We have more than a feeling that the tribute to Brad Delp is in doubt. Tickets for the Aug. 19 show still aren't on sale, and the promoter, Live Nation, has given no indication when they might be. What's the problem? Word is that the parties involved in planning the show honoring the late lead singer of Boston can't agree on where the money should go. Originally, Live Nation said proceeds from the show at the Bank of America Pavilion would benefit the Brad Delp Foundation, but guitarist Tom Scholz has questioned whether such a foundation actually exists and what its mission is. We're told he's requested more information from Delp's ex-wife, Micki, before signing on the dotted line. During his lifetime, Delp, who committed suicide in March, gave to many of the same causes supported by Scholz, including the Sierra Club and PETA. If the concert does take place, it's still not clear whether the band's original members -- Scholz, Sib Hashian, Barry Goudreau, and Fran Sheehan -- will share the stage or for how many songs. Among those lending their pipes to the proceedings will be Starship's Mickey Thomas, Sammy Hagar, and Stryper's Michael Sweet, who confirms his participation on his website.
Info on Brad Tribute at
Monday, June 18, 2007
There is a message posted on regarding the Brad Delp tribute show, as well as a hint of new material in the works.


We are expecting a confirmation within a few days of a tribute for Brad Delp planned by his son and daughter. In response to their invitation, BOSTON has offered to play a short set on Aug 19th along with a number of other artists they have invited, although the list of acts and other details of the event have not been confirmed as of yet. We understand the venue has been changed to the Pavilion on Boston Harbor, formerly Harbor Lights.

BOSTON is going ahead with preparations to appear; we plan to perform six or seven songs. Michael Sweet (Stryper), Mickey Thomas (Jefferson Starship), and Sammy Hagar have all offered to sing for BOSTON in place of Brad. We have also invited Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan, and Sib Hashian to join us on stage for the last song, "Don't Look Back," which will be sung by Fran Cosmo.

All of us are currently very busy with other projects, including completing some new BOSTON studio recordings. However, we are excited about getting together for this short performance, and will make time to get it together by August 19th.

See you there!
Tom Scholz
Delp Tribute is On
Friday, June 15, 2007

From the Boston Globe:

Looks like the rumored show honoring the late Brad Delp will take place after all. Word is that Tom Scholz and the surviving members of Boston will pay tribute to the band's late singer at the Bank of America Pavilion Aug. 19.

It'd be the first time in more than two decades that Scholz has shared the stage with fellow Boston members Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan, and John "Sib" Hashian. Others expected to pay tribute to Delp, who committed suicide in March, include Sully Erna and Godsmack, Cheap Trick singer Robin Zander, Extreme singer Gary Cherone, Ernie Boch's band Ernie & the Automatics, and Beatlejuice.
Brad Delp Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Members of the Danvers, MA community is getting together to form the Brad Delp Memorial Music Scholarship fund, which will support Brad's alma mater Danvers High School.

There will be a memorial concert in Danvers on July 13, 2007 at the Danversport Yacht Club starting at 7pm. There will be many guests, including The Automatics, Night Owls, 97 North, The Monks,  Bob Squires the original guitar player for Beatlejuice and members of Beatlejuice - Joe Holladay, Dave Mitchell, Stephen Baker and more.

In addition, there will be a silent auction and a live auction featuring Sib Hashian as the auctioneer.

If you can't make it to the event, you can order a tribute package on the website, as well you can make a donation to the Brad Delp Memorial Music Scholarship Fund.

More info:

New Look for
Friday, June 01, 2007

On June 01, 2007 - the eighth anniversary the birth of this site, I am pleased to unveil a completely new look for A lot has changed over the past eight years, but this is more than just a new design.

If you've been visiting this site since the early days, you may have noticed that it has undergone many design changes over the years. Truth be told, I've never been overly happy with any of them. I have to say though that I'm happier with this than I have been with any other prior change. 

What you see here is the most massive change to this site since its launch on June 1, 1999. Until recently, the site was constructed using standard HTML markup, in which every page had to be manually created and uploaded. Now, this site uses a content management system, allowing me more control since the content is separate from the actual design. It also allows more flexibility on what content is displayed, for example, latest news items now appear on the front page very simply, I'm able to use extensions and other components to further enhance the site.

I decided when I was reworking the site to keep the general layout close to what the previous version to make it easier to find what you're looking for. By the way, this site now has search capability. I have also transferred over all the 200+ news postings dating back to June 1999 to this site, so you can see all the news that's ever been posted here. 

I hope you like the changes made to this site, if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let me know. By the way, don't be surprised if you see some changes appear on the site; I am always trying to improve the experience of So if you see any screw-ups, please let me know since I'm not likely to pick up on it for a long time!


A Touching Brad Tribute Song
Sunday, May 27, 2007

Boston fan Chris Capozza has written and recorded a Brad Delp tribute song called Don't Leave Us Now. Chris wrote this song with the intention of making it a single to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Chris has also made it available for Boston fans to listen to.

Update June 25: You can now watch the video Chris has created for this.

Download Song
(MP3 | 7.41 MB)

Get Flash to see this player.

Don't Leave Us Now

I see the pain in your heart from the smile that isn’t there.
We should talk about it.
And there’s a look in your eyes that reveals you don’t think I care.
Can’t we talk about it?
No one wins if I let you believe everything is wrong, when you’re not strong.
Don’t want to think just how bad this could go if I wait too long, you might be gone.

Don’t leave us now,
this isn’t a time to surrender.
Don’t leave us now,
you couldn’t come back from forever.
Don’t want you to go so you’ve got to know
that I love you.
Don’t leave us now
‘cause one day it’s gonna be better.

I wouldn’t pretend that I know what you’re going through.
No one said it’s easy.
Won’t insult you by telling you that you’re just feeling blue.
I don’t think it’s easy.
It didn’t take only one day to make what you feel inside, need to heal inside.
With some help and a whole lot of love you can change your mind, but it takes some time.

Don’t leave us now,
this isn’t the time to surrender.
Don’t leave us now,
I tell ya it’s gonna get better.
How many ways do I have to say
That I love you?
Don’t leave us now,
You couldn’t come back from forever.

I know you’re too hurt and too tired to care what you’d leave behind.
Stop and think it over.
But this mountain you’re stuck on is something we have to climb.
Stop and think it over!
Won’t you reach out to me ‘cause you don’t have to own this all, or take that fall.
The light you’ve shined will reflect back on you to let love appear and you’ll be glad you’re here.

Don’t leave us now,
This isn’t a time to surrender.
Don’t leave us now,
You couldn’t come back from forever.
It’s making me cry at the thought of goodbye
‘Cause I love you.
Don’t leave us now,
I promise it’s gonna get better.

copyright - Chris Capozza

A Final Boston Concert
Friday, May 11, 2007

Boston's official site has posted some news by Tom Scholz regarding a final Boston concert, as well as the rumored Greatest Hits remaster.


After hearing that Beatlejuice planned to put on one last concert as a tribute to Brad, we decided we would really like to do something similar with BOSTON. After all, people around the world have listened to Brad singing these songs for thirty years.

We planned to let several well known singers that had a history with BOSTON cover Brad's lead vocal parts, and invite all our former bandmembers to sit in during the performance. The musicians and crew members of BOSTON feel like they are a part of a family, the loss affected us all, and we needed to get together again one more time. BOSTON concerts are what brought us together in the first place, so it seemed like the best thing to do for everyone.

Within a couple of weeks we had acquired a roster of great singers to fill in for Brad, and contacted many of our former band members, who were very excited about sitting in. Our guest vocalists were eager to sing the songs Brad made famous with BOSTON. All together we had about 20 performers who would be included in various parts of the concert. Since we had begun rehearsing for our spring shows early last winter, we were basically ready to play any time in April or June. We prepared a tentative set about two and a half hours long that included our most popular songs, with the extensive live arrangements we have presented in the past.

A note here about getting ready for a BOSTON concert: While we do our best to make BOSTON performances look effortless, in reality the parts are difficult to play and the intricate arrangements are a lot to remember. To be prepared for a typical concert requires both constant drilling so that the changes are automatic, and peak performance level to accomplish playing some of the instrumental passages. Once we have done this, improvisation on themes becomes possible, and concentration can be directed to emotion rather than simply recalling parts.

In my personal case this requires several months of preparation, followed by a time consuming ritual of daily rehearsal. Even during a tour, I practice 2 to 3 hrs a day.

Back to reality. Unfortunately, the local Live Nation promoter, who is the only game in town for putting on a major concert, was not able to give us a date for our BOSTON concert any earlier than late October. By that time the layers of rust would be very thick, and all those arrangement details long forgotten.

Rather than spending the time necessary to perform up to BOSTON standards six months from now, we've decided to let go of the idea and return to the studio where I had several projects already in the works. I'm also looking forward to possibly completing an engineering design I've neglected which could improve many people's lives.

Hopefully someday we will be able to resurrect the idea and put on a BOSTON reunion concert. Meanwhile we are planning to play a few songs along with several other bands at an Aug 19th tribute being put together by Brad's son and daughter. Although this won't be a BOSTON concert, we will play a few songs, as will Beatle Juice, Sammy Hagar, Extreme, Godsmack, RTZ, Cheap Trick, Ernie and the Automatics, and Charlie Farren, according to the information we have.

A bit of other news: I've just finished remastering BOSTON'S Greatest Hits CD which now includes "I Had a Good Time." It sounds a lot better than the old 1997 version; we'll let you know when Sony plans to release it. I plan to start mixing live tracks for a BOSTON Live CD next.

Walk On and Don't Look Back,
Tom Scholz


In My Life - A Concert for Brad (Update)
Friday, April 13, 2007

There is a new show added for the In My Life - A Concert for Brad trubute show, which already has two shows for May 03/04.

The third show is scheduled for Wed. May 02/07. Tickets will go on sale starting Tuesday, April 17 at 2pm EDT. There is a limit of four tickets and if the other two shows are any indication, tickets won't last long before selling out.

More information:

Source: Regent Theatre

Boston's Final Show?
Friday, April 13, 2007

If you have been to the forums at, you probably know of komit, who is a reliable source of information when it comes to Boston. Komit has made a very interesting post. The info was also posted on Boston_Rocks.

...Rumor has it that a concert in honor of Brad is scheduled for August 19th, in Massachusetts. It will include numerous bands, ending with Boston's last live performance, which will include all members that ever played with Boston, including the 3 other original members. Barry's bands RTZ and Ernie and the Automatics will perform as well.

There is also talk in that post that this show will take place in Mansfield, MA at the Tweeter Center. Also, it is said that Brad's kids were planning a show with the other bands and that Tom was planning a show as well, so it was decided that the two would be combined.

Source: Gonna Hitch a Ride

In My Life - A Concert for Brad
Monday, April 02, 2007

On May 3rd and 4th, 2007, The Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA will be hosting a two-day concert by Beatlejuice honoring the memory of Brad Delp, who was one of the band's members.

The concert will feature many guests, including Mike Gerard, Buddy Bernard, Brian Maes, Gardner Berry, Lisa Guyer, Jimmy Rogers, Dave Stefanelli, Kimberley Dahme, Michael Troy, Pete Distefano, MaryBeth Maes, Charlie Farren and Bob Squires.

The show will take place Thursday, May 3 and Friday May 4 at 8pm. Reserved Seats $20 (includes $1.50 theatre restoration fee). Tickets go on sale beginning Tuesday, April 10 at 12 Noon.

More Information:

Source: Regent Theatre

Article: Discord in Boston After Delp Suicide
Friday, March 23, 2007

The Associated Press published an article March 23:

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- The band Boston spoke to people's souls during the 1970s with smash hits like "More Than a Feeling" and "Peace of Mind." But two weeks after lead singer Brad Delp's suicide at his New Hampshire home, bad feelings abound. Current members of the band, including the chief songwriter and founder, Tom Scholz, were not informed about or invited to Delp's funeral, which was attended by early band members who opposed Scholz in a 1980s legal battle.

Last week, Delp's ex-wife Micki was quoted on a radio station saying Delp was distressed about the conflicts in his professional life and became despondent after a longtime friend, Fran Cosmo, was cut from Boston's summer concert lineup. The story spread online, where fans trying to figure out the reason for Delp's suicide took up the cudgels.

Scholz, who called Delp his "closest friend and collaborator in music for over 35 years," said he was crushed by Delp's suicide and his exclusion from the funeral. Now he feels he is being unfairly blamed for Delp's death.

"It went from devastating on the initial phone call to an absolute nightmare," Scholz told The Associated Press on Friday in a tearful telephone interview, his first since Delp's death on March 9. (An interview conducted by e-mail was published earlier in Rolling Stone.)

"We had been told it would only be his immediate family (at the funeral), and of course it wasn't," he said.

A lawyer for Scholz sent a letter to Micki Delp on Friday demanding a retraction. She did not immediately respond Friday to an e-mail message from The Associated Press via the publicist who has handled statements for the family.

Boston has canceled its summer engagements, and Scholz said he still hopes the rift can be mended and the band can be part of a public memorial service that Delp's children, their mother Micki, and Delp's fiancee, Pamela Sullivan, said last week was in the works.

Sullivan said no one intentionally excluded the current band members from the funeral.

"It was about getting the children through it as quickly and quietly as possible with the people they were up to facing at the time and the people who could be the most comfort to them," she told the AP in a telephone interview.

Tensions between Scholz and some of the early band members date from the early 1980s, when CBS Inc. sued the band over delays in recording new albums. The company's Epic Records label recorded the band's first two releases: "Boston," in 1976, and "Don't Look Back," in 1978.

Scholz countersued for the rights to the band's name and music. Three members of the original band - Barry Goudreau, Sib Hashian and Fran Sheehan - testified for the record company, which lost. Goudreau is Micki Delp's brother-in-law, and she reportedly remains close to the ousted band members.

Delp, the only band member besides Scholz whose name was on the CBS recording contract, remained friends with everyone, touring and recording with Scholz and the others over the decades. He also started a Beatles tribute band, Beatle Juice.

Scholz wrote, engineered, and laid down nearly all the instrumental tracks on the first album, but he said Delp helped him refine the songs and brought his music to life.

"It went from a guitar lick that didn't mean a thing to a real song as soon as he opened his mouth. That was always the case," Scholz said. "We had a very, very close working relationship. I swear it was like we were hooked up by a cable. We didn't even have to talk most of the time."

Scholz and Delp were both vegetarians and pacifists, both dedicated their money and talents to causes they believed in, and both proposed to their longtime girlfriends on Christmas Day 2006 by putting rings in their stockings - only learning about the coincidence in a conversation afterward.

The band's first album was wildly successful, and remains one of the best-selling debut albums of all time, according to Billboard, selling more than 16 million copies. Boston's early music also remains a staple on classic rock stations, especially in New England.

96.5 FM ("The Mill") in Manchester plans a two-hour tribute to Boston on Sunday featuring excerpts from the station's interviews with Delp over the years. Program Director J.C. Haze said he remembers hearing the first album.

"Tom and Brad, they made such a unique sound it just took the world by storm," Haze said. "Nothing ever sounded like it, and nothing ever did since."

Source: Associated Press

More Details of Brad's Suicide
Thursday, March 15, 2007

More details regarding Brad Delp's suicide have been released:

ATKINSON, N.H. --Brad Delp, the lead singer for the band Boston who killed himself last week, left behind a note in which he called himself "a lonely soul," according to police reports released Thursday.

Toxicology tests by the state medical examiner's office showed that Delp committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. Police said Delp had sealed himself inside a bathroom with two charcoal grills sometime between 11:30 p.m. March 8 and the next afternoon, when he was found by fiancee Pamela Sullivan.

Sullivan told police that Delp "had been depressed for some time, feeling emotional (and) bad about himself," according to the reports.

He was found on the floor of the bathroom, his head on a pillow and a note paper-clipped to the neck of his shirt.

"Mr. Brad Delp. J'ai une ame solitaire. I am a lonely soul," it read.

Sullivan called police after noticing a dryer vent tube connected to the exhaust pipe of Delp's car. In the garage, police found a note taped to the door leading into the house.

"To whoever finds this I have hopefully committed suicide. Plan B was to asphyxiate myself in my car."

In a third note on a door at the top of the stairs, Delp cautioned that there was carbon monoxide inside.

"I take complete and sole responsibility for my present situation. I have lost my desire to live," he wrote. The note also included instructions on how to contact his fiancee. There was a picture of Delp and Sullivan in the bathroom.

"Unfortunately she is totally unaware of what I have done," the note said.

The notes also said the couple's cat, Floppy, should be in a room that was safe from the deadly gas and asked that someone find her and make sure she was all right.

Police later found four sealed letters in an office addressed to Sullivan, his children, their mother, Micki Delp, and another couple whose identity was not disclosed. Police Lt. William Baldwin said police gave the letters to family members without reading them.

Outside the bathroom, police found a carbon monoxide detector with the battery removed.

Delp joined Boston in the mid-1970s and sang two of its biggest hits, "More than a Feeling" and "Long Time."

He had planned to marry Sullivan this summer during a break in a tour with Boston. A lifelong Beatles fan, Delp also played with the tribute band Beatle Juice.

Delp was cremated Wednesday, police said. A private funeral was held earlier this week.

Source: Boston Globe

Antonio Cosmo Tribute to Brad
Thursday, March 15, 2007

Former Boston member Antonio Cosmo has composed a tribute to Brad called 'One'. Antonio posted this on a MySpace bulletin March 14 @ 10:41pm:

I rushed in the studio yesterday to record this track for a great friend..
I think he would have enjoyed it..AC

You can listen to the song on Antonio's Myspace page.


Brad Delp Cause of Death Released
Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The death of Brad Delp has had a profound impact on many fans. The cause of death makes me as sad as I was when I first read the news of his death as it appears Brad took his own life.

CONCORD, N.H. --The family of Brad Delp, the lead singer for the band Boston, said Wednesday his death was a suicide.

"He was a man who gave all he had to give to everyone around him, whether family, friends, fans or strangers," the family said in a statement relayed by police. "He gave as long as he could, as best he could, and he was very tired. We take comfort in knowing that he is now, at last, at peace."

Delp, 55, died Friday at his Atkinson home. Police have said his fiancee, Pamela Sullivan, found him.

Toxicology tests by the state medical examiner's office showed that Delp committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, said Lt. William Baldwin. Delp also left two notes taped to a door and letters to his family and Sullivan.

Baldwin said police do not know the contents of the letters because they were sealed.

The family's statement said Sullivan, Delp's children and their mother, his ex-wife Micki Delp, were grateful for the sympathy they had received and asked that their privacy be respected.

Brad Delp joined Boston in the mid-1970s and sang two of its biggest hits, "More than a Feeling" and "Long Time."

Delp had planned to marry Sullivan this summer during a break in a tour with Boston. A lifelong Beatles fan, Delp also played with a tribute band, Beatle Juice.

Beatle Juice performed a benefit last year to help build a new public library in Atkinson, a small town of about 6,000 residents on the Massachusetts border.

The family said last week it planned a private funeral followed by a public memorial to be scheduled later. Family and friends directed donations to the American Heart Association in Framingham, Mass.

Source: Boston Globe

A family statement on behalf of Brad Delp
Sunday, March 11, 2007

A family statement on behalf of Brad Delp was issued Saturday night by Peggy Rose, a family spokeswoman:

“On behalf of the Delp family and Brad’s fiancé, Pamela Sullivan, it is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Bradley Delp, the legendary vocalist of the rock band ‘BOSTON.’ Brad was admired and loved by many, known as the ‘man with the golden voice’ and recognized throughout the music community as ‘the nicest man in rock and roll.’ Brad will be deeply missed by (all) of his family, friends, fans and the entire music community.”

Bradley passed away on Friday, March 9th, 2007 at his home in New Hampshire.

The family would like to publicly acknowledge all of those who have expressed their condolences and support during this difficult time.

“We ask that you please respect the privacy of Brad and his family during this time of grieving. The family will be conducting a private funeral service for Brad and a public memorial service will be announced at a later date,” stated Peggy Rose, Delp family spokesperson.

Donations can be made in Brad’s memory to the American Heart Association, 20 Speen Street, Framingham, MA 01710.


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