(this was posted on the official Boston site)

Can a human really sing that well?!  Not since the late Brad Delp have I heard anyone consistently display that kind of technical vocal ability, and last night I think Siobhan surpassed it. Even the Darth Vader of talent competition, Simon Cowell, had to summon up a compliment or risk looking completely tone deaf.

But it's not just that she has amazing pitch, incredible range, effortless control, and a huge beautiful voice - although that would be enough - she really seems to live in the moment of the song, putting real heart into her performances. OK, so I'm prejudiced, but how could you not love this girl? I suddenly find myself telling people "I met Siobhan Magnus," and walking around with a phone hitting redial for two hours every Tuesday night.

Good luck, Siobhan, you deserve nothing but the best in this new future you've created for yourself.

-Tom Scholz