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MTM Records

jesses powertrip 400

Track Listing:
01. Let It Roll
02. Heart To Heart
03. Lonely Girl
04. Hole In Your Heart
05. Sister Mercy
06. Powertrippin'
07. Leaving Home
08. Now Is The Time...
09. Come to Me
10. Desire
11. Wanna Be Loved
12. Hotwired

Let It Roll
(Jesse Bradman/Bob Gilles)

Well I've been rolling around for years
My heart is always near
Lose my head and found my fears
Seen a rainbow through the tears

And I work and I play
I see my soul most everyday
And I'm sad but I'm glad
When I come into town and see you again

Let it roll let it out
Keep it up all night 'till the drink runs dry
Let it roll let it out
It all starts up when the sun falls down

You can stay 'till the night is over
You can stay as long as you like
My body's yours just for the moment
My heart is a waste of time

And I'm bad but I'm good
I'm headed out on the road again


Heart To Heart
(Jesse Bradman/Paula Sonenberg/Phil Bright/Matt Blackett)

Hot wet sugar treat spilled some honey on your feet
Taste the salt candy sweet I just can't get enough
Red wine ruby lips licking it off your fingertips
All that naughty all that spice mix it up into something nice

You take me in you pull me down
You move me all around…
I'm in your hands
I follow you
And we'll go on and on and on…

We're heart to heart
We're one to one
You are my world
No need to run
You make me live
You take me to you
Heart to heart to heart…

Hot sweat sugar treat vanilla smile so good to eat
Angel food peaches cream I still can't get enough
Cherry tart berry pie brandy kiss'n makes me high
Fill me up I can't hold out I need a taste of something now

I take you in I pull you down
You move me all around…
When you are lost
You follow me
And we'll go on and on and on

Lonely Girl
(Jesse Bradman/Bob Gilles/Phil Bright)

I got a call the other day
I hear your sad alone again
I'd like to reach to help you through
Your heart breaks I feel it too

I'm over you I can't believe
You were a part, a part of me
I'd love to be the friend you need
But you're far away from me

She's the loneliest girl on the world today
What am I to do
She is the loneliest girl
In the world today she's so far away

My heart is up my mood is down
My head is spinning, spinning around
The days are long the nights don't end
I can't escape the state I'm in


And I'm far, far away
And there's nothing I can change
And I'm far, far away…

Hole In Your Heart
(Jonathan Cain/John Waite/Bob Gilles)

Midnight on the boulevard
The kid is back in town
Tonight you're gonna walk alone
She's finally put you down

Light another cigarette
Flash another smile
You never really lost your touch
Tonight you're back in style

Dividing into different worlds
True love takes a dive
Someone takes another piece of you …all your life

There's hole in your heart
When no one's loving you
There's a hole in your heart
With people falling through

Walking on the wild side
Take another chance
Tell your story one more time
The high price of romance

You know your gonna see her face
In every girl you meet
She's living in a fairy tale
Your living on the street


Your running down a dead end street
It could have been your paradise
We know that your falling through
All your life

Sister Mercy
(Jesse Bradman/Andre Pessis/Tony Scarpa)

Sundown staring at the night
Dead end lost another fight
I gave all I had to giver
There must be a better way to live

Sister Mercy where can you be
I've been searching all over can't you see
And my heart's getting stronger
I'm back on my feet
Sister Mercy where can you be

I’ll know the minute she walks in
Lifting me up to a place I've never been
One touch forever on my soul
There's no place where we can't go


Oh - why does the heartache last
While all the love comes and goes so fast
Oh - I'll never give up hope
And when the right one comes I'll go for broke

(David Sikes/Bob Gilles)

Hey don’t you know what I'd like
Won't you come my way
Hey don’t you know, know my mind
Do it anytime

Hey, hey feel your power - your power over me
You take control
Hey, hey feel your power - your power over me
To free my soul

Girl don’t you know what you want
Take it when it comes
Girl don't you know what you feel
Show me what you need


Leaving Home
(Jesse Bradman/Paula Sonenberg/Bob Gilles)

I really don't know what to do…

She packs her bags and she is on her way
Said and done no more to say
And now I close the door on yesterday
Her best friend's driving her away

And she's not coming back
No need to say goodbye

She's leaving home nevermind
Dreams are all that she has left behind
She's leaving home but I am fine
I am fine

I really wanted her to stay around
I couldn't find the words to say
Now my heart is falling to the ground
I watch the pieces blow away

And she's not coming back
There's nothing left to save

She's leaving home nevermind
Dreams are all that she has left behind
I am blue I fade away
She's leaving home but I am fine
I am fine

Now Is The Time…
(Jesse Bradman/Bob Gilles/Paula Sonenberg/Phil Bright)

I saw a face today looked so much like you
So I followed her around
I saw a face today made me wish you were mine again
I was spinning round and round and down and down

Always something there to remind me
Sometime or someplace we used to be

Now is the time to make our dreams come true again
Now is the time to be true to ourselves
And come together again

A cold winter rain is falling now …falling down on me again …and I'm looking for a dime now …
To …to call your house and say the words I should have said long time ago …and there's…

Always something there to remind me
A song comes on the radio I can still hear you sing
Can't you hear me calling out

Now is the time to make our dreams come true again
Now is the time to be true to ourselves
Now is the time to make our love live again
And come together again

Come To Me
(Jesse Bradman/Bob Gilles/Phil Bright)

Ain't got nothin' but time for someone
I'll place my worries aside
You call I come runnin' your love is something
My body just can't deny

Don't waste my time don't break my mind - no
Don't tell me lies just come inside…

Angel, angel come…won't you come to me, come to me
Angel, angel come…won't you come to me, come to me

My eyes my see something my body is lovin'
Your face always on my mind
I'm dreaming all about you I scream when I'm without you
You leave all the others behind

Don't waste my time don't break my mind - no
Don't tell me lies just come inside…



Now all that I have is yours tonight
I want every moment to be right
No matter what happens girl I’ll always love you

Now wash all the sadness from your face
Leave all the tears to yesterday
The way that you loved me once I want it back today

I want it all baby
I'm getting down on my knees
Say a prayer for you just to make you believe
I know - we're gonna make it somehow
If we open up the door to our desire

Girl my body's aching for your touch
I want to hold you so damn much
All that is gone but there's forever - oh…

Girl I've been missing home so long
And I'm tired of being strong
Save me - save me the way you used to love me
I want you back today


Don't throw it away - come on stay with me
Everyday we’ll go higher
Don't you see oh it's you and me
Maybe it'll take all our lives


Wanna Be Loved
(David Sikes/Bob Gilles)

Days are bright you're my rain
Paint me upside down in blue
Color me lay me down
You know I can't forget you

I wanna be loved by someone
I wanna go there with you
I wanna be loved by someone
Someone like you

Out of reach out of time
No one ever needed you
Put me down with your lies
Don't know what to do what's true


Waste me, break me, fake me, forsake me
Blame me, tear me down …tear me down…

(Jesse Bradman/David Sikes)

She's a '57 stacked under the hood
She's got style she's got sound born in Hollywood
She comes fully loaded sweet power sled
She's a cruiser sore loser rag top in red

Backseat driver …I'm on fire

Hotwired hotwired….
And I've got to have your action got to have your speed

She's got sticky traction four speed power drive
I get up she goes down I just want to get inside
Take me to the races I don't care what mama said I said ooh ooh you're going to my head

Backseat driver I'm on fire


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