Boston member involved: Curly Smith

Curly Smith has released two solo albums. Cool Blue Cosmic Gem, released in 2001, is entirely instrumental new age album. He also released Rough House in 2007, which is a rock CD in which Curly performed all vocal and instrumental work. Curly released both albums under his own label CSM Records.


Cool Blue Cosmic Gem
Released: 2001
CSM Records

curly smith cool blue 400 Track Listing:
01. Twilight Glistening
02. Rapture
03. Willow Pond
04. Ancient Ones
05. Shadow World
06. Land Of Dreams
07. Mystic Moons
08. Song Of Memories
09. Queen
10. Cool Blue Cosmic Gem
11. Child's Play
12. Crystal Winds
13. One Sky Above Us

Rough House
Released: 2007
CSM Records

curly smith rough house 400 Track Listing:
01. Bound to Lose
02. Desolations Fire
03. When I Found You
04. Drop Down
05. Doorway
06. Louisiana Lullaby
07. She's a Dragon
08. Double Diamonds
09. Time to Play
10. Fire Rages On