Don't Look Back (Remaster)

Released: 2006
Sony Legacy Records
82876 82241 2
Track Listing:
01. Don't Look Back
02. The Journey
03. It's Easy
04. A Man I'll Never Be
05. Feelin' Satisfied
06. Party
07. Used to Bad News
08. Don't Be Afraid

Produced By: Tom Scholz
Engineered By: Tom Scholz
Mastered By: Wally Traugott
Mastered At: Capitol Records
Cover Illustration: Gary Norman
Design: Tom Scholz

Facts about "Don't Look Back"

  • Two versions of this remaster were made. The first one, remastered by Sony had limited sales in Canada before they were pulled. The original version included one live track called Help Me (which is actually called Shattered Images). This track was recorded December 18, 1976 by King Biscuit Flower Hour at The Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA.
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