Don't Look Back

Released: 1978
Epic Records
EK 35050
Track Listing:
01. Don't Look Back
02. The Journey
03. It's Easy
04. A Man I'll Never Be
05. Feelin' Satisfied
06. Party
07. Used to Bad News
08. Don't Be Afraid

Produced By: Tom Scholz
Engineered By: Tom Scholz
Mastered By: Wally Traugott
Mastered At: Capitol Records
Cover Illustration: Gary Norman
Design: Tom Scholz

Approx. # of Copies Sold: 7 Million

Don't Look Back
A Man I'll Never Be
Feelin' Satisfied

Facts about "Don't Look Back"

  • Peaked #1 on the US music charts (1978)
  • CD cover seen in movie "Like Father Like Son"
  • "Feelin' Satisfied" played during game 3 of Stanley Cup playoffs (2000)
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