Third Stage

Released: 1986
MCA Records
MCAD 6188
Track Listing:
01. Amanda
02. We're Ready
03. The Launch
04. Cool The Engines
05. My Destination
06. A New World
07. To Be a Man
08. I Think I Like It
09. Can'tcha Say/Still in Love
10. Hollyann

Produced By: Tom Scholz
Engineered By: Tom Scholz
Mastered By: Bob Ludwig
Mastered At: Master Disk
Cover Illustration: Chris Serra
Final Art Work: John Salozzo

Approx. # of Copies Sold: 4 Million

We're Ready
Can'tcha Say (You Believe in Me)/Still in Love
Facts about "Third Stage"
  • #5 of top 5 albums of 1986
  • Peaked #1 on US music charts (1986)
  • First Boston album to use the Rockman (Tom Scholz's invention)
  • Gerry Green was the first person outside of the band to be given co-writing credit (for Can'tcha Say) I Think I Like It was originally written by Jon English. At the time of the release of Third Stage, Jon English had not recorded it. He did however, record and release it in 2000 on his Live & Learn album
  • Jon English is not the actual name of I Think I Like It writer -- it's actually Jon DeBrigard. Tom did not know his last name and could not track him down, so he used the last name English since Tom apparently thought he looked English
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