Walk On

Released: 1994
MCA Records
MCAD 10973
Track Listing:
01. I Need Your Love
02. Surrender to Me
03. Livin' For You
04. Walkin at Night
05. Walk On
06. Get Organ-ized
07. Walk On (Some More)
08. What's Your Name
09. Magdalene
10. We Can Make It

Produced By: Tom Scholz
Engineered By: Tom Scholz
Mastered By: Ted Jansen
Mastered At: Sterling Sound
Cover Art Design: Andy Engel
Final Art Work: Michael Bryon
Design and Back Cover: Ron Larson

Approx. # of Copies Sold: 1 Million

I Need Your Love
Surrender to Me (promo)
Livin' For You (promo)
What's Your Name (promo)

Facts about "Walk On"
  • Peaked #5 on US music charts (1994)
  • Magdalene, which is a rewrite of Magdelene by Hybrid Ice, was originally intended to be recorded and released on Third Stage.
  • According to the liner notes, the version of We Can Make It that appears on this album was version #87
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