Greatest Hits

Released: 1997
Epic Records
EK 67622
Track Listing:
01. Tell Me
02. Higher Power
03. More Than a Feeling
04. Peace of Mind
05. Don't Look Back
06. Cool the Engines
07. Livin' For You
08. Feelin' Satisfied
09. Party
10. Foreplay/Long Time
11. Amanda
12. Rock and Roll Band
13. Smokin'
14. A Man I'll Never Be
15. Star Spangled Banner
16. Higher Power (Kalodner Edit)

Produced By: Tom Scholz
Engineered By: Tom Scholz
Mastered By: Larry Clawson
Mastered At: East Coast Digital
Cover Art Work: Peter Bollinger
Art Work (Back Cover): W. Siudmak
Art Direction: David Coleman
Design and Back Cover: Ron Larson

Approx. # of Copies Sold: 2 Million

Higher Power (promo)

Facts about "Greatest Hits"

  • Star Spangled Banner .wav file has been heavily used by Gateway on their display computers to advertise Boston brand speakers on their systems (Foreplay/Long Time has also been used)
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