Corporate America

Released: 2002
Artemis Records
Track Listing:
01. I Had a Good Time
02. Stare Out Your Window
03. Corporate America
04. With You
05. Someone
06. Turn it Off
07. Cryin'
08. Didn't Mean to Fall in Love
09. You Gave Up On Love
10. Livin' For You (Live)

Produced By: Tom Scholz
Engineered By: Tom Scholz
Mastered By: Toby Mountain
Mastered At: Northeastern Digital Recording
Art Work (Front Cover): Darryl Hirschler
Art Work (Back Cover): Darvin Atkeson
Art Direction: Tom Scholz

Approx. # of Copies Sold: (unknown)

I Had a Good Time

Facts about "Corporate America"

  • First Boston album to feature a woman on lead vocals (Kimberley Dahme)
  • Before the album release, the song Corporate America was released to the public through under the band name Downer's Revenge.
  • First Boston release to be fully leaked over 2 months before release
  • The live version of Livin' For You that appears on this album was recorded at the Kingswood Music Theatre in Toronto (June 02/95), and was first released on WZLX's From the Vaults CD; a disc which was released in 2000 to benefit two Boston area charities and included live recordings from various artists.
  • Darryl Hirschler and Darvin Atkeson (cover art designers), are well known to many Boston fans, as they have been active in the online Boston communiities
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