By John Davisson

Boston is on the road, and they played the St. Augustine Amphitheatre.

It was like entering a time machine as they rolled out hit after hit from the late '70s and early '80s. Back then, Boston's songs were in heavy rotation on the radio, and you could not help but know the songs if you listened to rock stations. Boston's debut album sold 17 million copies (only Guns and Roses has sold more copies of a debut album). The second album sold 7 million – a sophomore slump to be sure, but who can complain about 7 million? The next three albums only sold 7 million total.

Tom Scholz, the Boston mastermind, is the only member remaining from the original line-up, but the sound was unmistakable. Tom singlehandedly changed the sound of rock music. An electronics whiz with a master's degree from MIT, he created effects boxes (like the Rockman he developed later and marketed) that enabled him to create an arena-rock sound in the studio. Without stacks of Marshall amplifiers, he had a sound with a full, clean sustain that became a hallmark of the band's sound.

Music Review
Matt Rowe -Reviewer

Boston, long a staple of rock radio for their arena sized music, have issued their 5th album in 26 years. Fans of the band know the history, they know the songs, they revere the band. The first album sold better than 15 million with admittedly singable songs. They obviously defined an era of Album Oriented Rock and released solid material to back it up. Along comes "Corporate America", representing 8 years of hiatus and the music is changed.


Boston, the baby of MIT grad whiz, Tom Scholz, defied the odds of acquiring a label contract and ascending into the stratosphere of Billboard charts and radio play, by making their debut album, the self-titled Boston, the way that he wanted.  Largely created in his basement, the unlikely demo, holding six of album’s eight tunes, went on to shatter beliefs and sell more than 17 million units.

Classic Rock Revisited
Epic Records

Boston - A
Don’t Look Back - A

These two albums combined have sold nearly thirty million copies. Epic Records has remastered and re-released these two classics. The remastering was done by the brain behind Boston, Tom Scholz.

By Zach Regiec
MTS Centre

Mu ● stal'gic (made up adj, noun, verb) It means to reminisce, remember and be reflective through music. The beauty is though - you get to remember it how you want!

In a sentence: I get mustalgic when I listen to BOSTON.

That's the word that came to my mind as I sat and listened to Lou Gramm of Foreigner belt out Juke Box Hero and BOSTON play their evocative songs like Amanda and More Than a Feeling in front of nearly 5,000 rocking fans.

Really a new song entitled Myspace Hero should be filling the airways soon. After their lead singer Brad Delp committed suicide in 2007 many of the remaining and original members held a concert in honor of Delp. At that live concert a die-hard BOSTAN fan named Tommy DeCarlo took the stage and he was basically discovered through his myspace page where he was singing BOSTON cover tunes.