Escape Music

Track Listing:
01. Road to Heaven
02. I Can Breathe
03. Make a Stand
04. Anything Goes
05. Like Me Like That
06. Broken Glass
07. We Don't Talk
08. Comin' Home
09. Nothin' Else I Can Do
10. Walkin' Away
11. Remember Those Days
12. Not Done 'Til It's Done
13. Much More Innocent


Road to Heaven
(R. Berry, G. Pihl, D. Lauser)

I look down life's highway
People slowin' down
Most of them goin' my way
Got their ear to the ground

Headin' for that hole in the distance
Just to stop the water pourin' through
We've seen it before
We know who we are
Now we've gotta figure out
What to do, yeah

Ready or not the fire's burnin'
No one can stop the need
The world's getting harder to please

Everybody's searchin'
For a new direction
Everybody wants to find the otherside
Everybody's trying to make a new connection
Everybody's lookin' for
The road to heaven

Wanna shout it out loud all day
Sayin' step back from that early grave
Oh it couldn't be clearer, enemy nearer
What sins just wash away in the rain

Ready or not
Gonna end in ruin
We need the will to change
Gotta push through this maze


I Can Breathe
(G. Pihl, R. Berry)

In the fields of Nebraska
You can see beyond the wind
You can ride until exhausted
From the beauty you take in
Look down from the highest mountain
Through miles and miles of life
Heavy hands workin' hard
To find comfort in their stride

And you can feel the earth
Alive beneath your feet
And your senses come alive
With the peace that it brings

I can breathe - oh, can't you feel it
I can breathe - oh, can't you feel it
Yeah, look around
It's the gift of life - I can breathe

In the calm of the valley
You can barely hear a sound
Alone with the elements
Shut your eyes, touch the ground
And the people that surround you
It seems like they've always known
With their hands they make a livin'
They tend the crops as they grow

And my soul feels
Like it grew up in this town
As I walk the soil
And feel the sanctuary in the ground


Out here it seems to vanish
The struggles in my life
Your supposed to fight to get ahead
Out here I feel the warmth that comes
Surrendering your life
I can't believe
It took so long
To finally find home


Make a Stand
(R. Berry)

All those nights I stayed up late
And cried with you
All those times were you surprised
I cared for you
But now it's a turning point
You have to show your hand
The time is now
Nobody else can decide

Make a stand
Make a stand

Somedays life just flies
Gets away from you
Feels like a wave came crashing down
Swept away the faith in you

But nothing else can
Fill the emptiness you feel
It comes from inside
You grab at something
To help you heal

Make a stand

I see the story of your life
Reflected in your eyes
Through fields of pouring rain
There's hope to find in everyday


Anything Goes
(D. Lauser, B. Van Cleve)

Sun is shinin'
There's a smile on my face
Not a worry 'bout tomorrow
To busy livin' for today
Warm breeze is a blowin'
All my troubles fade
Blue skies above me
And it's time to let love have its way

Anything goes
Far as I can see it's an open road
I know that nothin's gonna slow me down
Cause anything goes

Trust in instinct, don't analyze
Open up the door
And let the soul shine
Life's a journey, got to do your own thing
Step out climb that mountain
And spread your wings

Anything goes
Far as I can see it's an open road
I know that nothin's gonna slow me down
Cause anything goes

I can't waste my time on yesterdays
What's over is over, what's done is done
I got the power, and I'm sure to see
All my dreams, they'll become reality

Let's get together
And have a good time
We'll throw us a party
Any friend of yours
Is a friend of mine

Anything goes
Far as I can see it's an open road
I know that nothin's gonna slow me down
Cause anything goes

Like Me like That
(R. Berry)

So you wonder
Why I'm comin' home so late
If the boss was feeling bitchy
Or the boys had a date
And why I didn't call
With a phone on every wall
You'd think I'd burned the house down
For heaven's sake

You used to like me like that
Getting' down and dirty
With the pedal down flat
Hangin' out my freak flag
'til the beer has gone flat
You used to like me like that

So I was just hangin' 'round
And checkin' it out
There's so much in this world
We must learn about
Just hangin' out at Rosie's
With the rest of my crowd
Now baby what's the shoutin' all about


Broken Glass
(R. Berry)

Sittin' myself down
For just one moment
To look back down the road
Seeing the things that I left
The bits and pieces
That my life has known
The times I cried at night
To fill the space inside

I'd pick up the pieces
and run away
But I chose to stay
Life evolves
Through the walls we pass
Broken glass - broken glass

In the cracks
In between the pages
Where one life unfolds
One's destiny
The evolution
How the story's told
To find true north at last
Along this tortured path


Nothing like those times in life
That let you run for the distance
Where you can fly like the wind
Something inside that calls you
On to the key of your existence
That place within your heart
That place you tried to free yourself from

Broken glass

Sittin' myself down
For just one moment
To look back down that road
See the things that I lost
The bits and pieces
That I can finally hold

We Don't Talk
(G. Pihl, R. Berry)

There's words still unspoken
In the silence we think we hear
The heart grows cold
The balance holds
It holds the time that we once shared

Distance grows
Between two souls
From where we started
To where we've come to
We keep the edge
Sharpened on the blade
But life we can no longer cut through

We don't talk anymore
I don't see it in your eyes
It's not enough to look back
It's not enough to sit and cry
We don't talk anymore
How do we find that one more try
We just live inside our point of view
Letting hope and fear decide

There's more
More to be discovered
Between you and I
Between love and faith
A place we know to let it go
It's a time
That we've been waiting for
We can't throw it all away


Afraid to define it
Tears us up inside
And though we try to get past it
Devotion just can't die
Love don't cut and run
Caught between the balance
Of what's right


Comin' Home
(G. Pihl, R. Berry)

Yeah now baby I've been stoppin' all the things
I always wanted to do, cause I've been thinkin'
'bout the meaning of my life with you
And I'm a jiggling to my left
And I'm dreaming crazy inside
Freedom's workin' against us baby
That ain't right

A settling down, I just don't know
(that's not rock 'n' roll)
Just letting this crazy life go

Burnin' down the highway
Burnin' down that road
Don't give up, cause I'm comin' back
Grab ahold, comin' home, comin' home…

I've got some legato emblegata
Covered in cookies and cream
Top off with sweet, sweet cherries
A dressing room dream, you got me formin' a line

Thinking how fast I can fly
There's a five minute warning
Flashing "wave me bye bye"

I can see you smiling as you're walkin' away
(but that don't seem right)
Just like you know what I'd say


Yeah one more time I'm thinking
All I gotta do is strike and walk away
Oh, with how hard I've been workin
Can't hurt I've been playin'
I've lit a match a million times but never got burned

Oh, just one more night
I got to sneak into that refrigerator
And grab me a big piece of pie
Oh, I know I could have a slice all the time but
That's a, that's a commitment baby
It don't feel right

Giving it all just a little more time
(something's gotta work out)
I think I'm seeing the signs


Nothin' Else I Can Do
(G. Pihl, R. Berry)

So far away from you, so far away

Runnin' out of time
Runnin' out of face
Lookin' for the answers
Cross time and space
If I had a clue, I'd take one chance
Then I'd make my move
Your love's worth more than that
Cause when you came along
Came along right one cue

There's nothin' else I can do
Nothing else I can do
When I hear the words calling me back
Calling me back
Nothin' else I can do

Don't seem to know
Out in the crowd
Then try to whisper
They shout out loud
Can't hear a thing
Except your voice
Cause lovin' you
Has given me no choice
Now I've come so far
And all those roads lead to you


Come on listen to me
You gotta listen to me
I think it's buried there
Deep in your heart
I've been thinkin' 'bout it
We had it right from the start


Walkin' Away
(G. Pihl, R. Berry)

There's this lonely road
Walked by lonely souls
It's a cryin' shame
The one you love
Don't feel the same
Through the cracks you call
But how could you know
The words that were spoken
The promises broken
Were just set aside

Looking back, I should have known
She was slippin' away, deep inside
I should have seen it comin'
I was too blind to see her walkin' away

On some distant mountain
I must have been asleep
Takin' my chances, filling the space
With things to achieve
I saw black and white
She saw the ocean breeze
But my eyes never opened
Never focused, somewhere in between


I ain't stupid
But I could have figured out a way
Something more
Than an empty dream to save
I see the times
That I made you cry
I had to be half out of my mind
To let someone like you
Just get away


Remember Those Days
(R. Berry)

Those were the days we would stay up
'till the end of the night
No hidden meaning
We saw everything in black and white
Just two boys with a rock and roll band
And the world in our hands

Remember those days
When nothing could
Stand in our way
Not far from that place in our heart
Have you forgot all the things we bled for
Remember those days

There were the nights
That from the stage
People looked so small
And the nights we played our hearts out
To no one at all
Two guitars with the lights in our face
And the music we made


Those nights weren't so long ago
And man how I miss them
Now this world's not that big a place
And that clock just keeps tickin' away

Yeah, we had a dream together
That we'd hit the big time
Connected by some kind of rhythm
The road provides
Lived each day
By the movement we made and the wind
In our face


Not Done 'Til It's Done
(R. Berry, G. Pihl)

In the middle of the night
I can't sleep no more
Thoughts going through my mind
Just like the night before

I look to the left
I look to the right
All I see are people
Running 'round in a circle
Tryin' to get it right

Buckle down stand straight
The time has come
The clocks tickin' getting late
It's not done 'til it's done
It's not done 'til it's done

I wake up in the mornin'
Try to open my eyes
And I'm checkin' out the scenery
Buildings up to the sky

I look to the left
I look to the right
All I see are people
Running 'round in a circle
Tryin' to get it right


Now look to the left
I look to the right
All I see are people
Running 'round in a circle
Tryin' to get it (just) right


Much More Innocent
(R. Berry)

There was a time when this dusty street
Taught us how to move
Me and my friends just hangin' out
It's the only thing we knew
You'd think that time just passes us by
But I'm telling you
We were searching for a life
We were searching for a clue

And the world was much more innocent then
It's the life we knew
And the world would hold you up like a friend
No matter what you'd do
And besides all that seemed wonderful then
We held out for the truth
But I was much more innocent than now

We figured out how to play the game
Runnin' wild and loose
Down every dark and narrow path
We questioned every move
Some of us got by on faith
Some of us fell too soon
But the times we shared one hearts
Were the times that got us through


Try to find out 'bout the other side
We were crashing through the walls each night
We were fallin' down and spinning round
Not knowing
If we got it right