This was published in the Boston Herald:

Tom Scholz of Boston fame has More Than a Feeling about recent bandmate Anthony Migliacco using his affiliation with the vintage rock band, so he’s filed suit against him in Suffolk Superior Court!

Apparently, Migliacco, aka Anthony Cosmo, has been touting his stage work with the classic band - despite signing an agreement that he wouldn’t do so. But what really has Scholz Smokin’ is that Migliacco allegedly billed he and his dad, Francis, who also played with the late 1990’s version of Boston, as the classic Hub band when they played a gig in St. Croix earlier this month.

Migs, according to the Boston Business Journal, said the agreement is null and void. Scholz’s legal counsel disagrees.

“Tom Scholz owns the trademark, the name, and there’s a lot of value to that, and he wants to protect the value,” Susan Stenger of Burns & Levinson told the BBJ.

The suit, filed last month, seeks to enforce the agreement and collect legal fees.

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Source: Boston Herald

Update: Feb 02, 2007:
According to, the lawsuit between Tom and Anthony has been dropped. Here's what was posted:

It seems the lawsuit mentioned around the traps between Tom Scholtz of Boston and Anthony Cosmo has been dropped, with the issue at hand dealt with behind the scenes.