"Uncle" Joe Benson, who produces the popular radio show Off the Record, will be producing a three-hour special called Uncle Joe's Rockin' Christmas Show 2006. The show will feature music, interviews and greetings from many artists, including Tom Scholz and Brad Delp from Boston and the band's rendition of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

This show, which is not part of the Off the Record program, will air on many stations between December 24-25. For information on stations and airtimes, as well as a rundown of the artists appearing, you can go to unclejoe.com. This show will not only air in the US, but on a number of Canadian radio stations as well. If you have Star Choice satellite TV, you can tune into Q107 Toronto on channel 864 or CIRK 97.3 Edmonton on channel 853. You can also listen to streaming audio from a variety of stations. Of course, if you have one of the listed stations in your local area, you can also listen to it the old fashioned way -- with a radio!

Source: unclejoe.com