If you're still skeptical that the original versions of the Boston and Don't Look Back Sony Legacy remasters did make their way onto Canadian store shelves, then continue reading...

I managed to pick up a copy of the Boston remaster at my local CD Plus store -- which amazed me that they had any copies at all since I live in a fairly small community. I've also placed an order online from them to get the Don't Look Back disc, so hopefully I'll get that soon.

It seems a limited number were printed before Tom found out about the remasters. For some reason, some of those discs found their way into stores on April 4 (the original release date). The number of discs printed/distributed is not known for sure yet, but we do know that it is available in some stores throughout Canada. What I've also been told is that this won't be for long, as they're apparently starting to be pulled off of shelves in some places.

Now as for the release of the proper versions, according to MusicTAP, the remasters are now scheduled for June 13, 2006 (one day after Brad Delp's birthday).

To see more info on the packaging and liner notes of the original Sony remasters, go to this page.