George from the Boston_rocks Yahoo group has posted some questions that were asked to Anthony Cosmo through John (known as Johnboy), who does the lighting and other stuff for the band COSMO. Here is the information gathered from that, word for word.

1) When's the Cosmo website going to be ready? Has there been any issues going live with the new website?
A-"Not sure. Soon we hope." And I'll add, that I (Johnboy) am currently working on the layout/design.

2) Will Anthony and/or Fran be leaving Boston later this year?
A-"No, we are not leaving the band."

3) Will Fran be writing/co-writing any of the songs for the next Boston CD?
A-"No, not yet at least."

4) Will Anthony be starting a new group of his own?
A-"Yes, I have a solo project in the works."

5) Has Anthony written any songs?
A-"I wrote all the Cosmo songs, and of course the few on Corporate America."

6) If a Boston tour does happen this year, will Fran be part of it or does he want to focus more on Cosmo?
A-"Yes, we will be part of it. When Boston is not recording or touring, the focus is on COSMO and anything else interesting that comes along in the biz!"

Sources: Boston_rocks group and COSMO Myspace group