If you recall, RTZ recently had a meet and greet as part of their release of 2 new CDs, Lost in America and Found in America. At that time, the CDs were available at the event, well they're finally available for sale.

Lost in America contains all of the tracks that were originally released on Lost, and it includes the song Dangerous, which was previously only available on the Japanese release of Lost.

Found in America features the tracks that were released on the 2004 CD Lost and Found. It also contains a live version of Return to Zero.

Both CDs are available for sale through CDBaby for the price of $15.00 each.

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Lost in America Track Listings:
01. When You Love Someone
02. Turn This Love Around
03. Someday
04. Violent Days
05. Change For Change
06. One in a Million
07. Given You Up For Dead
08. Don't Wait
09. Talk to Me
10. Don't Lead Me On
11. Dangerous

Found in America Track Listings:
01. One Step Away
02. Fool For Love
03. Such a Fool
04. Rise Above It All
05. Social Disease
06. I'm On a Roll
07. Rock the Night
08. Winners and Losers
09. Power of Love
10. Show Me
11. Better and Better
12. Return to Zero (live)