Well I had the chance to partake in the chat with Kimberley Dahme through her Official Fan Club. Monday night. I was keeping notes, but I couldn't copy/paste from the chat session directly (stupid Java), so this isn't word for word exactly.

The chat session consisted of about 17 people, including Kimberley. It was a very informal chat session, but I did manage to pick up a little bit of info.

I asked her how many songs she's done for the next Boston album, and so far, she's assisted on two of them.

Someone asked about the rumor of Brad taking over lead vocals, and like what was previously reported from boston.org, who asked Brad Delp directly, and it's not true. In fact, she had this to say:
"Brad is Boston he can never leave again. Well excuse me Brad and Tom have to stay always and of course all of us Fran, Anthony, Jeff, Gary"

As far as her Christmas plans, you can look for her to be visiting a couple Nashville hospitals (she mentioned Vanderbilt and Baptist Hospital), as she said she'd be taking her guitar with her and "knocking on doors", to help bring a smile to kids and adults who can't be home for the holidays.

As for questions of a Boston 30th Anniversary Tour, it might happen. No official word, but her solo performances will be scheduled around it if it does.