While there's no breaking news, I thought it'd be a good idea to create a post regarding the upcoming album, since a lot of fans might be wondering whether or not there is or will be another Boston album.

Well there is going to be another Boston album. There is no information yet regarding the title, songs, etc, but it is known that Kimberley and Brad have recorded some tracks. Now there was a rumor floating around that Kimberley was taking position of lead singer, but Troy from boston.org contacted Brad and he has denounced the rumor. Both Brad and Kimberley have been recording vocals. There have been rumors as well that the band lineup was changing dramatically, including Anthony not being invited to participate in any recording sessions, however this seems to be just another baseless rumor.

Hopefully we will get some official word soon regarding the album, and possibly be able to put to rest the rumors that have been circling throughout the online Boston communities.