It's been over 2 years since said goodbye to the Boston site that bore its name. Not a lot has changed in the Boston community, but after a lot of thinking (and more webspace available), I decided to bring this Boston site back into commisison.

Those of you who visited this site in the past will see some differences; the first one is right on the first page of the site. Since I have added extra content that has been made available on this server, so I decided to use the main page as a portal in order to be able to use the name to direct people to the content, as it's easier to use that than the longer URL for the page the content resides on, plus it gives visitors the opportunity to explore content I have to offer on (so if you're a fan of the show "Charmed", you can see the section this domain that is full of video clips on that show).

Another change is that while this site was known for giving you the most and fastest Boston and Boston related news, that is no longer guarenteed. While I will be making great efforts to keep the news section current, I can't guarentee it'll be as up to date as it used to.

The primary purpose of resurrecting this site is to bring back (almost) all the material that was previously available. I have added some new material as well -- full resolution video in the downloads section. I never had the capacity to host files of that magnitide until now. Check out the Downloads section to see what's here. I hope to add more content in the no too distant future, but I can't guarentee anything.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let me know by sending me an email (just use the link at the bottom of any page here).

If you want to know more about the history of this site, check out the history section.