Official word passed on from webmaster Troy Bartlett:

"BOSTON has plans to tour this summer behind a new album that is about to come out on Artemis Records. The group, or more accurately BOSTON mastermind Tom Scholz, has spent more than two years in a basement studio working on the record. 'We believe they will be touring this summer and fall, but there's no start date yet,' APA Senior VP Troy Blakely told POLLSTAR.

The band last toured in 1997. The three-year-old Artemis Records label, co-founded by former Warner Bros. Records chief Danny Goldberg, reported plans to invest $1 million in marketing and promotion, and to initially ship at least 500,000 copies of the record."


ps. This was sent to us from the Boston Office today. Not only was there news on the album, but promotion and touring info as well! Please remember that this is Boston, and dates are never firm until they are in the past...