This info is from the HybridIceFans list:

It has been four years since the name Hybrid Ice has appeared on a marquis. And over a decade since some of the former members have appeared on stage. Now, the original members of the Hybrid Ice who recorded the self-titled debut and "No Rules" albums have gotten back together to give their fans what they have been asking for, for many years...more live performances.

The lineup includes Rick Klinger, Rusty Foulke, Jeff Willoughby, Bob Richardson, Chris Alburger and we are very pleased to announce that Bernie Garzio (who joined the band in 1996) has agreed to be part of the Hybrid Ice Reunion as well.

The Danville PA based band achieved Top 5 regional chart status with the song "Magdelene," shortly after it's release in 1982. A second album "No Rules" was released in 1988. In 1994, the rock group "Boston" re-recorded the song "Magdelene" and propelled it to international status selling in excess of one million copies. The band continued to perform with various personnel changes until July 1998. In June 2000 a British record label, Escape, released the group's first album on CD. The band also released their own Limited Edition CD of the same album weeks later. Rumors of a reunion started to surface at that time. But personal scheduling conflicts quashed the possibility of a reunion then.

Rehearsals for this year's reunion began several weeks ago and all involved have reported things are going very well. One group member told us,"The spark is back and everything feels good. It's great to be working with these guys again."

Some venue locations have been booked with the determinant factors being geographic location to be able cover a sampling of the area they once performed. And by size of the venue itself to be able to accommodate as many fans as possible in each location. As of this writing, the following shows have been CONFIRMED:

Saturday, May 18 - Pepper's Lounge at the Briar Creek Sports Complex, Berwick PA
Saturday, May 25 - Thunderdome, Baltimore MD
Saturday, June 1 - Shakey's, Hershey PA
Saturday, June 8 - TJ's Clubhouse, Lock Haven PA
Saturday, July 13 - Washie's, Danville PA