By Caroline Roberts

When much-loved Boston frontman Brad Delp committed suicide, he left behind an estate mess that his first wife, his ex-girlfriend, his fiancée, and adult children are trying to sort out.

In his will, Delp left his home in Atkinson, New Hampshire, to another ex-girlfriend, Patricia Komor. According to everyone who knows Delp, he hadn't seen Komor in 11 years.

The other women in Delp's life are understandably surprised. Micki Delp, Brad Delp's ex-wife and mother of his two children, told the Globe, "My understanding always has been that the kids would get everything." Apparently Delp's finacee at the time of his death agrees, and they are still fighting with Komor.

Delp drew up a trust in 1996. However, no one found copies of the trust in Delp's house, and his first wife, Micki, says he called her and discussed what should go to his children if anything happened to him. But the trust leaves nothing to the children and, to add further salt to the wound, sticks them with any debt Delp left behind.

And what makes matters worse? Komor herself is a lawyer, so everyone involved should brace for a fight.

This isn't the first tiff that has followed Delp's death. In the run-up to the "Come Together" tribute to Delp that happened Sunday night, Boston bandmate Tom Scholz demanded assurances that all profits really would go to charity.