Written by Marc Farr

Classic rock doesn't get much better than this lineup. The Doobie Brothers opened the night in great form, fine-tuned and tight. Starting their set with "Jesus Is Just Alright," they played hit after classic hit, including "Rockin' Down the Highway" and "Takin' It to the Streets." The summer soundtrack fell upon the eager ears of the young and the Baby Boomers both. Many a fan were on their feet, hands a-clappin'. Favorites like "Black Water" and "China Grove "came off with precision and nostalgia. Then it was on to their latest material from World Gone Crazy, and the title track thereof. As the Doobie Brothers closed their set with "Listen to the Music," the crowd rose to their feet. You may call them dinosaurs, but these guys won't be making oil anytime soon; they are still too busy "Rockin' Down the Highway."

After a brief intermission, the ever-popular Boston took the stage. What followed was a set featuring the view from inside the Boston Spaceship, which was flying near a nebula, among other places. Touring in support of their latest album, Life, Love and Hope, they rallied through the title track, as well as "The Last Day of School." Founding member Tom Scholz and singer Tommy DeCarlo were in great harmony as they blazed into "Rock and Roll Band." Although the band is known for Schultz's harmony-friendly compositions, this sound can be difficult to pull off live.

After continuing to please the crowd with such favorites as "Smokin," "Don't Look Back," "Amanda," "Peace of Mind," and many more hits, Boston left the crowd fully satisfied by its song selection. Boston are old pros, and their violin-sounding guitars shone through brightly—although it took three live guitarists to deliver. Boston's seven members were riding high Friday night, proficiency ever apparent.

Sometimes, in order to enjoy the future, one must look back, and we did just that on Friday night. What we got in return was a great, nostalgic show, an enjoyable time, indeed.