By Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

KINDER, La. — Make no doubt about it, Boston is not just another 'rock and roll band.'

The rock band Boston performed this past Friday night at Coushatta Casino and Resort in Kinder, La., in front of several thousand loyal rock fans and the group delivered a stellar concert performing hit after hit during a spectacular 90-minute showcase.

The concert started strong and the band never faltered with hits such as 'Rock and Roll Band,' 'Smokin',' 'Feelin' Satisfied,' and 'Peace of Mind.'

Guitarist and founding member Tom Scholz is still on the top of his game, and vocalist Tommy DeCarlo sounds so similar to deceased vocalist Brad Delp one can't help but imagine it is Delp's voice itself roaring through the speakers.

The group also included many worthwhile tracks during the show, including several from the band's third album, 'Third Stage.' Songs included 'Cool the Engines,' 'We're Ready,' 'My Destination,' 'To Be a Man' and the hit single, 'Amanda.' Other notable songs were 'Walk On' and '

No Boston concert could be complete without hits 'More Than a Feeling,' 'Don't Look Back,' and 'Long Time.'

Boston may not be the same group which emerged in the mid-1970s and sold approximately 17 million copies of its debut album, but there is no denying this will never be just another rock and roll band. From Boston or elsewhere.