By Zach Regiec
MTS Centre

Mu ● stal'gic (made up adj, noun, verb) It means to reminisce, remember and be reflective through music. The beauty is though - you get to remember it how you want!

In a sentence: I get mustalgic when I listen to BOSTON.

That's the word that came to my mind as I sat and listened to Lou Gramm of Foreigner belt out Juke Box Hero and BOSTON play their evocative songs like Amanda and More Than a Feeling in front of nearly 5,000 rocking fans.

Really a new song entitled Myspace Hero should be filling the airways soon. After their lead singer Brad Delp committed suicide in 2007 many of the remaining and original members held a concert in honor of Delp. At that live concert a die-hard BOSTAN fan named Tommy DeCarlo took the stage and he was basically discovered through his myspace page where he was singing BOSTON cover tunes.

Mix DeCarlo's fresh voice with Stryper frontman Michael Sweet's roaring guitar and classic vocals, and you get a bold sounding BOSTON. Although the members are humble, BOSTON's archetypal sound is extremely confident and their live show is fearlessly deep with musical talents and abilities.

Watching the six-member band support each other through the cavernous rifts and punchy exchanges would have the Boston Celtics a touch envious. BOSTON has been playing American rock since the mid-70's and they are more seasoned than any of Martha Stewart's chowders.

With DeCarlo and Sweet adding some new flavors, it was very evident that the real decadent secret to BOSTON's eternally tasty tunes were still Tom Scholz's ripping guitar and Kimberley Dahme's thumping bass.

Scholz's Smokin was the first encore song and the lyric reads "Get your feet to the floor, everybody rock and roll" – well not one person needed anywhere near that type of encouragement from BOSTON. The mature and rocker laden crowd, who have now replaced their cheap lighters with high-end cells phones and their ripped up tight dirty jeans with really hot fashionably ripped up tight jeans, partied just like they did back in the day.

BOSTON's second album released in 1978 entitled Don't Look Back is very fitting. Both the crowd and BOSTON don't have to look back – they choose to. Although the music brings many of us back to exuberant times and fond nostalgic memories, both the well established band and crowd don't need to look back because the music moves us there. Only this time, the beauty is when we return to our pasts, we get to bring our fantastic and imaginative "selective-mustalgic-memories" with us.

BOSTON adds to our mustalgia.