Classic Rock Revisited
Epic Records

Boston - A
Don’t Look Back - A

These two albums combined have sold nearly thirty million copies. Epic Records has remastered and re-released these two classics. The remastering was done by the brain behind Boston, Tom Scholz.
The original plans were to release the albums with never before released bonus tracks but Scholz quickly squashed the plans due to the bonus tracks not being of good enough quality. Instead of that, he took the original album tapes and transferred them into the computer and painstakingly set about to redo the entire album. The result is one of the most impressive remastering jobs ever done.

The guitars really do sound more up-front and the subtle nuances really do come out from every instrument on the disk. The self-titled debut is as amazing today as it was the day it was released thirty years ago. Led by the mega-hits "More Than A Feeling," "Piece of Mind" and "Long Time" the album also contains the less remembered classics "Hitch A Ride," "Let Me Take You Home Tonight" and "Something About You." Every track is a classic rock radio worthy.

The band’s second album was considered a disappointment when it only sold six million out of the box! Still, the classic tracks "Don’t Look Back," "Feelin’ Satisfied," and "Party" make for a great album. This album is fun because unless you are a die-hard Boston fan then you may have forgotten about some really great songs such as "It’s Easy," "A Man I’ll Never Be" and "Used to Bad News." This remastered gem will bring back a ton of memories.

Both are winners and both come with written commentary by David Wild of Rolling Stone magazine and Scholz. While some fans may long for the left off bonus tracks, both of these albums sound awesome and should be in everyone’s music collection.