By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan
Boston Globe

It took a year, but Brad Delp's fiancee finally has ownership of the late Boston singer's home. Pamela Sullivan closed on the property yesterday and promptly opened a bottle of wine given to her by former Boston drummer Sib Hashian. "I am absolutely ecstatic," she told us. "I could not be happier. I hardly know what to do." Sullivan has been living in the Atkinson, N.H., house while she and Patricia Komor, Delp's long-ago girlfriend, negotiated through intermediaries. (To the surprise of everyone, Delp, who committed suicide in March 2007, left the house to Komor, who's married and living in Colorado now.) Komor originally wanted well over $300,000 for the house but ended up selling for $260,000. "I get to keep the house, and the kids get to keep their father's things," said Sullivan, referring to Delp's son John Michael, 23, and daughter Jenna, 27. She said Komor took just three items: Delp's silver VW Beetle, an autographed photo of Woody Allen, and a watercolor painting. "I don't care about any of that," said Sullivan. "The center of my world with Bradley was in this house, and now I get to stay."