By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan
Boston Globe

Brad Delp's ex-wife sent us a statement yesterday claiming that she has never received a copy of a lawsuit filed against her by her ex-husband's onetime Boston bandmate Tom Scholz. Micki Delp said she gave Scholz's attorney her address, but never got a copy of the complaint. Scholz is suing Micki Delp and her sister Connie Goudreau, the wife of former Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau, alleging that the women defamed him by suggesting Scholz was the reason Delp committed suicide last March. "It has always been my hope that any issues between any of the parties could have remained private and resolved long before this time," Micki Delp said yesterday. "Brad was a very private, sensitive, and caring person who would be appalled that his thoughts, feelings, and confidences have to be publicized in this manner." Scholz's attorney Sue Stenger scoffed at Delp's statement, saying the defendant was properly served and had actual notice of the complaint, as well as a copy of it. "Her sister Connie managed to file a response on time," said Stenger.