By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan
Boston Globe

Brad Delp's death hasn't exactly healed old wounds. Far from it. Since the Boston singer committed suicide last March, relations among members of the multiplatinum act have become poisonous, as evidenced by a lawsuit filed by the band's mastermind, Tom Scholz, against Delp's ex-wife Micki and Connie Goudreau, wife of Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau. In the suit, filed in Middlesex Superior Court, Scholz alleges that Micki Delp and Connie Goudreau defamed him by suggesting that Scholz was the reason Delp killed himself. The lawsuit cites a story in the Boston Herald, published just days after Delp's suicide, which carried the headline: "Pal's Snub Made Delp Do It: Boston Rocker's Ex-Wife Speaks." Scholz also claims that Micki Delp and Connie Goudreau, using aliases, repeatedly made statements in online chat rooms and Boston fan sites impugning Scholz's character and creating an "aura of suspicion" about his charity, the DTS Charitable Foundation. In one instance, the suit claims, the women concocted a bogus website - - in an attempt to divert traffic away from Scholz's actual site, In her response to the lawsuit, filed with the court, Goudreau admits to creating the phony site, but denies many of Scholz's other allegations. (Her attorney Daniel Tarlow didn't return a phone call yesterday.) Pending a final ruling, Judge Isaac Borenstein has issued a temporary restraining order, preventing Goudreau from destroying, erasing, or altering evidence on her computer. Micki Delp, who lives in California, never responded to the suit, and as a result was automatically found liable, according to Scholz's attorney Sue Stenger. Delp could not be reached yesterday. Stenger said a monetary judgment against Micki Delp will be decided in the coming months. While Scholz is seeking damages for the alleged harm done to his reputation and emotional distress, the lawsuit does not specify a dollar amount.